I’m watching this video where the famous anti-creationist Richard Dawkins debunks, or to say it better, tries to debunk astrology.

Honestly, I really feel awful when I see how people debunk modern rubbish astrology and quote Ptolemy, or some other old author. The connection they make really does not exist. Modern astrologers and Ptolemy do not have any possible relation, except that they both say that they talk about astrology. I think Richard Dawkins needs to learn more about astrology and that there exist generally two kind of astrology: modern rubbish astrology which can be easily debunked, and traditional real astrology, which can not be so easily debunked.

But I think that these kind of people like R. Dawkins have presumption and evil intentions toward astrology and try to debunk it in any possible way, no matter if there seems to be truth or some truth in it. They start with “astrology is rubbish and I will debunk it because does not incorporate well in my belief science system” thought, and you can’t explain on that kind of man that astrology is a beautiful art and that there can be really astonishing correlations with what real astrology ‘teaches’ and the real human life and its destiny.

They (people like Dawkins) say that astrologers are close minded, and all I can see in them is close mindedness incarnated in all its glory.

“I’m not close minded. I’m ready science to debunk astrology, and if science honestly can do this, then I will leave astrology for good. But are you ready to except astrology if the former seems to be hard task to accomplish?” – I once asked a science enthusiast guy.

It seems out that they have preconceptions, presumptions and they MUST be true, they will find any possible clue not to open their minds.

Once I thought that scientists are people who has most open minds. Now I believe the contrary.

Don’t get me wrong, I really respect what science did, and I try to follow the modern trends of science, but I don’t like science fundamentalists, close minded scientists.

One thought on “Astrology debunked or misunderstood?

  1. you are right, scientists have become self appointed judges. they do not have a single study to their credit, but they are speaking , what comes to their small heads.

    lifescape astrology discovered now is empirically verifiable.any one can test it and need spend only few hours. hope then scientists will have nothing to say but to apologize.

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