Here it is another example of the power of the derived charts and local determinations of the planets, to use Morin’s terminology.
The chart is of a person who this year had huge fights with the long-term girlfriend of her brother and live often in their house for the past year, that is, she stays and goes because she is from another city. Now if we look at the natal chart, we would notice that Moon represents her sister-in-law (let’s call her like this even though they are still not married) because she rules the 7th from 3rd (brother’s wife or girlfriend) makes applying opposition in one degree with Mars ruler of ascendant. This is natal promise: friction, quarrels, opposition with/from brother’s wife (long-term girlfriend). The repetition of the same configuration in the solar return chart shows when will this happen, the thing that it is promised in natal chart, would be realized. First, she is in Mercury/Mars Firdariyyah, Mars is distributing the firdar of Mercury and in this way, by assuming Time-Lordship even in sub lord participation, would activate this configuration with the Moon, especially because in the Solar Return, this configuration is repeated though not in applicative figure, but in separative. However, the Whole Sign aspect is still here. So, we see here in SR that Scorpio is rising, that is, the sign of the natal ascendant is rising, telling us that the natal promise of the chart is highly accentuated. Not that when other sign is rising natal promise is not realized, but when the sign of the natal ascendant rises in the year, this is somewhat highly accentuated, because the whole natal chart comes to the fore in this years, the significations are doubled and you have more testimonies for your judgments. We have Mars – Lord of natal and solar ascendant on ascendant by sign and we have Moon in 7th on descendant. Remember that the specific significations of the Moon as Lord of brother’s girlfriend by virtue of ruling the 9th or 7th from 3rd, are still counting from the solar ascendant as they are counting from the natal ascendant. So the significations are doubled by rulership and also by configuration (Moon – Mars). This means that a woman (Moon) who is probably related to the brother, his girlfriend let’s say (lord of 9th) will stand as an opposition or will create a conflict (on descendant, the place of conflicts) with the native (casting opposite aspect toward the Yearly Ascendant and the Lord of Ascendant). Moon as faster moving planet is the bringer of the activity, and going toward Mars in natal chart, shows that the brother’s girlfriend will be the one who will bring the opportunities for conflict. And this is true, the girlfriend came into their home and started acting like she is in her own home, acting domineering (probably Moon in 7th in exaltation?!) which provoked resistance inside this person whose chart we are examining here. In the Solar Return Moon is separating of Mars, and as the bringer of the activities, she would be the one who will ‘go away from the native’. And actually, the person with this chart said to me that this sister-in-law started avoiding her (Moon separating) in every occasion. We can see in the Solar Return chart, how this Mars and Moon are kind of independent and hot-headed. They are in fixed signs, the one in its own sign, the other in exaltation, this shows conflict that is kind of unresolvable.

One thought on “The Realization of Natal Promise – Case Study

  1. This reminds me of what you quoted in your latter post:

    “In whatever is signified, this must be chiefly noted: if it has only one testimony, it is routine [ lat. vulgare, of little note], if two, it will be stronger; if three complete.”

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