Here are some charts of sexual perverts alongside aphorisms from the old masters on the subject.

If Venus is operative in a tropic or a bicorporeal sign, especially for night births, it makes men oft-married and promiscuous, particularly if Mercury is in conjunction or—even more so—if Mars is in aspect: then the native also rushes into the embrace of boys. [Valens p.50]


Lorenzo Artico, Italian pedophile, a 29-year-old boarding school teacher.

Venus is in operative 11th house, in tropical sign Cancer, in same sign with Mercury [ruler of ASC] who applies toward Saturn ruler of 5th of children. Mars hurls its rays back to the sign of Venus and Mercury and opposes Saturn in 8th house. Mercury rules the young children, especially young boys. Not only that Mercury applies toward L5 but also opposes the 5th house of children. Firmicus:

Venus posited in the 11th house from the ASC, if it was vespertine, and if it was posited thus and Mars and Saturn aspected it from some other part [of the nativity], it will make sterile persons and those who cannot beget [offspring], and who get married with difficulty. And it frequently makes lovers of boys or of actresses, or those who are in charge of commerce, especially if she was posited in tropical signs, but gradually increasing their personal assests.


William Ancion, Belgian politician in the Social Christian Party, assistant to the Mayor of Liege. Ancion is Minister of Sports for the French community of Belgium and Minister of International sports relationships. Found to be a pedophile, he was fired from his job and disgraced.

Venus ruling the 6th, badly situated and aspected by Mars or Saturn, will make those who are mad for women, but if [Venus] is in a masculine sign, lovers of boys, who suffer many bad things because of this. And they will have sickness in the lungs. [Rhetorius p.77]

Similar chart like the above, Virgo rising with Mercury in 11th in Cancer. Venus does not rule the 6th but it is to be found in 12th and applies toward Saturn who is L6 [and L5!].

You will notice that Virgo rises in both charts. Here’s what Rhetorius has to say about this sign and the decans in it:

And it denotes those with a good complexion, shapely, easy to deal with, cheerful, kindly, accused of [actions] with children, and mostly as lovers of boys. In the 1st dccan [they are] long-lived, hard-working, progressing with the aid of magnates, but often harmed by their love of boys.


Robert Ludwig Strack,’The Beast of Cologne”, raped, murdered and mutilated two 11 years old girls.

When the star of Ares [Mars] has familiar ties with the star of Aphrodite [Venus] in dignified dispositions makes the natives charming, cheerful, fond of companionship, leading a life of pleasantry, happy, playful, artless, graceful, fond of dance, erotic, artistic, imitative, given to enjoyment, editors, manly, inclined to erring ways in matters of love, but successful and circumspect and discreet and elusive in questionings and discrimi­nating, and furthermore full of desire for both young men and young women, extravagant and keen-spirited and jealous. But for the opposite dispositions, it makes them leering, lascivious, debased, undiscriminating, slanderers, adulterers, insolent, liars, weavers of wiles, seducers both of those in their own family and of those in others, at the same time keen and sated in their desires, corrupters of women and virgins, venturesome, heated, unruly, ensnarers, perjurers, vulnerable and of damaged mind, and sometimes also prodigal, fond of ornament and bold and those who are manipulated and those who indulge in shameful practices. [Ptolemy, book II, trans. by Robert Schmidt, stressed words mine]

In this chart we have Scorpio rising with Mars in 9th WSH [Whole Sign House] and 8th division in conjunction with Venys in term of Mars and decan of Venus. Mars is in the sign of Cancer – the sign of his depression. Cancer is the least sign Mars wants to dwell in. It is totally contrary to its disposition. Cancer is watery, cold and moist, and Mars is dry and hot. Very nasty Mars. Lot of Spirit falls in 6°Cancer, and the conjunction of these two lascivious planets  shows upon what his mind and actions are dwelling.

Bob Shell

















Bob Shell, American pedophile who sexually assaulted two young girls.


  • But also, if Venus is posited in a domicile of Mercury, but Mercury is badly posited in the nativity, they always impel [the Natives] to sexual relations with boys due to a perverted love. But so that this may be more clearly understood, when Venus is in a domicile of Mercury, namely if Mercury is in the IMC, or in the DSC, or in the 8th house from the ASC, or in the 6th, or the 12th, or in the anafora of the ASC, or in their own dejections, i.e. in those <houses>’ in which they are humiliated, then that which we have said is done.

‘Lover of boys’ may also denote pedophile in general sense in my opinion.

You may find many similar aphorisms on this account, some of them will be strikingly accurate and some of them partially accurate. Your own practice and investigation of such charts will make your observation on different nuances of a particular chart better. It is a matter of recognizing the tendencies. Sometimes some people may have tendencies toward pervert lusts but they channel this energy through some other non-harmful action. It is all a matter of measuring the testimonies of the witnesses (the factors in the chart), recognizing the different kind of tendencies, impulses one man can have, and then summarizing where a particular chart would express itself, this is a sign of experienced and knowledgeable astrologer.

6 thoughts on “Several Charts of Sexual Perverts

  1. in the last chart mars isnt in the 8th from asc(WSH) which is what firmincus says. In Stracks chart Mars/venus are not in dignified signs

  2. Hi Paulo, Firmicus says ‘in the 8th house’ and we do not know for sure whether he meant Whole Sign House or some other house division (probably equal houses?!). So the aphorism still counts in house divisions too.

    And for the Stracks’ chart the quote goes on with: “But for the opposite dispositions”, which would mean ‘not in dignified dispositions’. So it is still on the spot.


  3. i have mars exalted conjunct venus but hard to tell if weak in 8th(WSH) or strong in 9th(quadrant) conjunct sun. Its not clear which house system one should look to assess strenght of planet

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