So far, I haven’t seen chart where Saturn in 10th (especially close to the MC degree) – in whatever zodiac position – didn’t bring reputation. However, almost in all cases I have examined, these people were first tested with the miseries of life, were thrown down to the lowest places of life. In some cases, if Saturn was afflicted, this reputation didn’t last and the native was put down, was accused by the public/mediums or his career and reputation were filled with controversies.

One thought on “Saturn in 10th

  1. What do you think of these conditions?

    Sun and Saturn in the 10th, MC in the 10th. Sun is about 5 degrees away from MC, Saturn is about 7 degrees. Saturn supposedly combust, but being in his own sign, he’s supposed to be able to travel under the chariots right?

    Mars is not in aspect to either. Both Sun and Saturn are 11th from Fortune.

    I would interpret it as having a good reputation most of the time, but have a few moments where the native’s reputation is challenged, as the combustion is likely to still have some effects.

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