The moon setting under the rays of the sun is not good for marriages. [Vettius Valens, p.51, Riley]


This is a chart [well, half a chart lol] of a middle-aged woman with one marriage behind and several not so successful relationships after that. She attracts some very non-ethical guys, liars, and those who go with many women in the same time. It is pretty much obvious by L7 Saturn in very poor position in 12th (in detriment and the 12th of Bad Spirit, those who work against her behind her back).

Beside this nasty aspect of her chart, we can see the Moon under the rays of the Sun as Valens suggest in the aphorism stated above. I have seen this aphorism applied over and over again. Especially if it is backed up with other factors in the chart like in our story here. Now, Sun is in its own sign, shouldn’t this be mitigating factor? It seems out that it isn’t, or if we take the awful position of L7 Saturn, then we could speculate whether this or the Moon/Sun conjunction [applying!] contribute most to the problem. I think both.

But why should the Moon/Sun conjunction be such a problem for Marriage?

Well, the Lights are connected with the eclipses, with the fear of the darkness. We all know that the Moon and the Sun represent the wife and the husband and every bad aspect [or no aspect at all, i.e. aversion] between them  is immediately a problem to the marriage, of different kind of magnitude according to the overall conditions of the chart.

But in this chart there is another thing. Mars is dominating the Sun [the husband] from right. Now, Sun will not catch Mars while Mars is in Taurus, but the orbs of the Sun [15°] are already ‘touching’ Mars. This is not as strong as if Sun would have actually applied to and catch Mars, but it has some influence in my opinion, even if it was not for the orbs, the sign aspect only [even though in lesser degree of intensity] will have an effect.

Now, I discussed with one friend about her chart and why such a chart with powerful angular Fortune with the Lord in the same sign on the Ascendant, didn’t give some powerful, famous, rich person or influencing in some way. She is an ordinary person with an ordinary job.

I have found that charts with Sun in Leo on ascendant often times gives people who are self-satisfied. In life, I have seen people with really hard aspects who through frustration and hard work achieved success, and they work more on it then people with mildness in their charts. This Sun actually applies trine to Jupiter in excellent sign, so for the Sun, many things here run smoothly. This is one of the possible explanations. Another may be, the already mentioned nasty Mars in detriment in 10th from the Fortune and Sun. However, this is a subject for another discussion.

The third factor for not so happy marriage may be found in the Lot of Marriage [ASC + SA – VE as per Hermes]. LOM falls in Gemini – prosperous house, 11th, of Good Spirit. This shows that marriage will happen. But the Lord Mercury is also under the rays of the Sun. It may denote that it will not be so happy marriage. Now, Mercury is in its own terms but ends in the hands of Mars up there, through square (dominated!). He catches Mars and there is no familiarity between the signs involved, no reception. Mars is punching it very hard.

OK, so that’s it with this chart, I just wanted to demonstrate to you how you can use the aphorisms [the experience!] of the old masters of this art with your own head and to use them in the context of the chart, never with white and black thinking. The more we read, the more charts we examine, the more our skills are becoming better and better, we learn to observe, to notice and to actually see in the end what is represented in the chart and actually mirrored in real life.

Be happy and always have Fun!

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