Here is another interesting tip I noticed in my practice of observing different charts.

In a day chart the Sun [because it will rule the early years through Firdaria] and in a night chart the Moon [because it will rule the early years through Firdaria] positioned in 11th [8th from 4th] may bring a father who is absent from child’s life. It may be that his father and mother are separated and he lives with the mother, or it may be that the father travels a lot and the child feels him as absent from its life.

One thought on “Sun/Moon in 8th from 4th

  1. Hi, I just found your blog the other day and subscribed. It looks really cool! Just wanted to comment that I have a day birth with sun in 11 according to the tropical zodiac and whole sign system, but in my case the opposite is true. My parents separated early and I lived with my father for 15 years and hardly saw my mother. Do you say father because of fourth house? In the vedic system the fourth belongs to the mother. Seems there is evidence for both. Anyway, interesting observation.

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