Tip for Dealing with Clients

Here is one tip for those who are dealing with clients in their astrological work. Be aware of the temptation to make decisions for their lives. Often times when people are indecisive, go to diviners of different types in order to hear from the diviner what is about to ‘come’ in their lives. This puts great amount of responsibility on the shoulders of the astrologer. I do believe we have free will inside the conditioning of our chart/life, so because people are too lazy (and we all are pretty damn lazy to use our free will!) to use their free will inside the patterns of destiny, doesn’t mean that you as an astrologer should do this for them.

Lot of Mother in 12th Sign of Bad Spirit

I am looking at a charts of two brothers who are having problems with alcoholic mother who works against their best interests.
It is intriguing to see how both have the Lot of Mother in the 12th sign of Bad Spirit. But not only this, both have the Lord of 12th turned away (in aversion) to the 12th sign. I suppose (among the other factors involved) the 12th sign position is not enough, and the position of the Lord in adjacent sign is accentuating this poor position of the Lot in the 12th sign. I have seen other charts with Lot of Mother in 12th but with good Lord and in regard to the sign, and there were no problems with the mother, especially in charts where there are other strong indicators for good relationship with the mother. This is why it is important to count the factors and to see the chart as a whole.

Tip for horary

Those of you who ask [horary] questions these days, and if you happen to be ‘lucky’ to have Venus/Mars involved in the question as the significators, would witness interesting configuration where Venus seeks application toward Mars by square with reception, but Mars escapes and Jupiter cuts Venus’ light seemingly destroying the matter. But if Jupiter is in some powerful angle, and receiving Venus’ disposition in its exaltation and angle, being through beneficent trine, may bring the matter to realization. Interesting heavenly playground nevertheless. 🙂

I may provide an example these days.

Sun/Moon in 8th from 4th

Here is another interesting tip I noticed in my practice of observing different charts.

In a day chart the Sun [because it will rule the early years through Firdaria] and in a night chart the Moon [because it will rule the early years through Firdaria] positioned in 11th [8th from 4th] may bring a father who is absent from child’s life. It may be that his father and mother are separated and he lives with the mother, or it may be that the father travels a lot and the child feels him as absent from its life.

Sign of the Annual Profections in the Solar Return

Here is another chart factor I am observing on a repetitive basis in different charts. If the sign of the annual profections of the ascendant, fall as a sign of the descendant (7th house) in the Solar Return, it will activate the subject of partnership in that year, and if all other things remain equal, marriage. I have observed it in activating the subject of open enemies and forming of other types of partnerships too (not necessarily love). Other factors will tell you what of the above may prevail. Astrology is all about combining the different factors into a final conclusion (judgment).

Natal MC in Solar Return 8th

I am looking at the Solar Returns of both John F. Kennedy’s chart and the chart of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria [both publicly assassinated], for the year they were assassinated and I notice that both had natal MC in Solar Return 8th in that year.
In addition, Jackie Kennedy had it too, with her natal Sun in Leo up there on MC (using the rectification of Regulus Astrology) representing her powerful husband (Sun in Leo on MC) falling in Solar Return 8th, as one of the indicators for his public assassination. I think I noticed this indicator earlier too [with natal MC in SR 8th for the year of an assassination], in some other charts, but didn’t pay any attention to it. I will from now on.

Saturn in 10th

So far, I haven’t seen chart where Saturn in 10th (especially close to the MC degree) – in whatever zodiac position – didn’t bring reputation. However, almost in all cases I have examined, these people were first tested with the miseries of life, were thrown down to the lowest places of life. In some cases, if Saturn was afflicted, this reputation didn’t last and the native was put down, was accused by the public/mediums or his career and reputation were filled with controversies.

Strong Planet

“..such a planet is strong, that is, exercising its potential”. Here it is Robert Schmidt’s brilliance in action. I mean, how many times we hear that a planet is ‘strong’ but rarely have explanation of what ‘strong’ actually means. Strong planet is a planet that is ‘exercising its potential’, while a ‘weak’ planet, being weakened in any way (accidentally or essentially) is a planet that is having difficulties realizing or exercising its potential. Sometimes in such ‘small’ wordings, the greatest truths are hidden.


Here’s one practical though general tip for applying it in the timing techniques. Whether you use Firdariyyāh, Deccenials or other Time-Lord procedure, look for the sequence of Time-Lords on general and sub-level. If someone got sick during bad pair of time-lordship, if the next pair in time-lording is a good one, you may expect betterment in regard to the person’s health. If the next pair of time-lordship is a bad one, with having disposition toward negative places in the chart, and even more – if the nature of that planet is malefic, then you can expect worsening of native’s situation. Of course, all this should be taken in context.

The Twelfth-part of the Ascendant

If you have very accurate time of birth, observe where the twelfth-part of the Ascendant falls, some very valuable information about your personality can be revealed by the sign where this twelfth part falls.

Each sign is divided into twelve parts where every part gets 2.5 degrees. First part is always dedicated to the actual sign and the next to the next sign in order, etc. So the twelfth parts of Aries start with Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and so on. The sequence of twelfth-parts of Taurus starts with Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and so on. To find where the twelfth-part of particular planet lies you may use little bit of mathematics with your calculator. Let’s say my Moon lies in 06°15′ Scorpio.
I multiply 6 with 12 and get 72. Now I multiply the minutes with 12 too and get 15 x 12 = 180. Now to convert the minutes into degrees I divide 180 with 60 (number of minutes in one degree) and get 3. 72 + 3 = 75. The twelfth part of my Moon will be 75 degrees away from the beginning of Scorpio. Important thing, you start counting not from 6°15′ Scorpio where Moon is placed, BUT from the beginning of the sign of Scorpio. So the twelfth-part of Moon will fall in 15° Capricorn.
Morinus freeware software gives these twelfth-parts visually in the chart so you don’t need to calculate anything.
Some other names for the twelfth-parts: dodekatemoria, duodecima or plural duodecimae, duads, dwads, etc.

To find them approximately without calculator you may use this simple trick.
If a planet is in the beginning of a sign (from 0° to 2°30′) then the twelfth part of that planet will be in the same sign.
If from 2°30′ to 5° – in the sign next to it.
If a planet is from 5° to 7°30′ (as in our example with Moon above) then the twelfth-part of that planet will be in the sextile sign following the sign where the planet is found.
If a planet falls from 7°30′ to 10° the twelfth-part will fall in the square following.
If a planet falls from 10° to 12°30′, the twelfth-part will fall in the trine following.
If a planet falls from 12°30′ to 15° it will be the quincunx sign from the planet.
15° to 17°30′ is easy to remember, the twelfth-part falls in the sign opposite.
From 17°30′ to 20° it is in the second quincunx, the one behind the sign in question.
From 20° to 22°30′ the trine behind.
From 22°30′ to 25° the square behind.
From 25° to 27°30′ the sextile behind.
From 27°30′ till the end of sign, in the sign behind it.

Commit this to memory and you will not have a problem finding the twelfth-part of any planet, at least by sign if not by degree.

Remember the 0 – 2.30 segment, the 5 – 7.30 segment that leads to sextile in front and the 25 – 27.30 that leads to sextile behind. The 15° segment leads to opposite sign and the 10-20 segments leads to trine in front and trine behind respectively. Once you know these, the intermediate you would easily reckon.