Ted Bundy’s Birth Chart

Popular series currently on Netflix are “Ted Bundy Tapes”.

The first thing that strikes me [in his chart] are all those planets strongly advancing toward the IC angle, the place of hidden, secret things.

The interesting thing is that neither Mars is testifying to the sign of the IC, nor Jupiter to the 5th sign where the Lights [Sun rules the Ascendant] with Mars [ruler of IC] are positioned.

Ascendant and its ruler [the Sun] are in fire signs, showing that his Primary Motivation in life is going for action and power. Since Sun’s dispositor [Jupiter] is not testifying to its sign, the acquiring of this PM will bring him frustration. Later in the tradition Morinus said something which is very true, that each good or bad signified by a house, emanates from the ruler of that house. This will also be the case for a planets in that house. The ruler of a house, falling cadent from its house is like a host who went far away and has no eyes on his home, and each guest in its home is leaved on its own, without a proper host. If we take that the Sun as L1 is in 4th division, 5th by sign, we could say that this PM he will try to acquire through his family, home life and parents [4th house], but later on through enjoying romantic life, pleasures, etc. [5th sign and L1 applying toward L7]. But neither of these are bringing satisfaction [see bellow].

One thing I read at Abu Ali hit me very hard:

“And if the Ascendant were a masculine sign, and the luminaries and the Lord of the Ascendant in a masculine sign, with Mars lingering in an angle, it signifies that the native will be bold and his commands will be implemented, and he will love the shedding of blood, especially if the Lot of Boldness were with Mars, or Mars were the Lord of the Lot. (Abu’Ali, On the Judgments of Nativities, Ch. 34, Ben Dykes’ translation, 2009, p. 300)”

The Lot of Boldness or the Lot that signified a Mars-like warrior shedding blood in battles, is falling in 16 degrees of Aries, Mars is its Lord and Mars is angular by division, advancing toward the IC. So we literally have all the significations given by Abu Ali: Luminaries in a masculine [fiery] sign, the Lord of Ascendant in a masculine [fiery] sign, Mars advancing toward the angle, Lot of Boldness in a masculine [fiery] sign, it’s Lord Mars in a masculine [fiery] sign! It is clear that the native – according to these significations – would be prone to violence, especially with Mars advancing toward the IC, signification that is often associated with violence (in 5th by sign “killing for pleasure?!”. Moon which happens to be hour ruler of his chart is separating from this Mars and applying to no planet, it is Void of Course. It is like the Moon mingled with the nature of Mars and is translating the light to no other planet. Both Moon and Mars testify to the Ascendant sign, actually all the planets in his chart testify to the Ascendant sign.

One of the things in Ted Bundy’s psychological traits is his ‘denial’. In talking to the interviewers and the psychiatrist he tried to portray a perfect picture of his childhood while this was not the case. His father is ‘unknown’ and some speculate that his violent grandfather who abused his mother was actually the father. However, Bundy was told that his grandparents are actually his parents and his mother is his older sister. It is evident that Bundy tried to deny this to the outer world, but most probably to himself too. All those planets in 4th house, not being testified by its lords [of 4th and 5th sign] and having the Node there [which Abu Ma’shar says pertains to hidden, secret things], strongly suggest that his family/ancestry is messed up and that his would have strong effect on himself [planets testifying to the ascendant sign, and L1 in 4th by division, 5th by sign].

According to his words, he was introvert. He found it difficult to reveal his inner feelings to his love mates. Saturn as L7 is the malefic contrary to the sect in favor, it is in detriment and retrograde. It is a nasty Saturn. He had few close relationships, with each one ending the partner growing cold towards him and separating. He was the one clinging to them.

Another thing I want to throw out there is that his Mercury is stationary an will go direct in the following days after his birth. Abu Ma’shar gives interesting metaphor:

“When the star gets to its second station it is similar to a man who has already started to recover his health and finally, when it moves by direct motion, it is like a
man recovered from an illness.”
[The astrological metaphors.Italian translation by Giuseppe Bezza from Angelicus 29, fo. 62ss. Laurentianus Plut. 28, 33, fo. 123ss. english translation by Daria Dudziak]

Being a serial killer like Ted Bundy would require intelligence and rational skills since they are escaping being caught for such a long time. If someone is non intelligent and stupid, he would be caught very soon.
He had problems with speaking and learning as a child, but later on he became very eloquent. Finished a degree in Psychology and thought himself law while he was in jail.

I am sure there are more things to be said on his chart. These were just an ad hoc thoughts of mine, so you could tell me what do you think. Feel free to post your comments.

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