Forecasting death through Descendant

“..ὅταν δὲ περὶ θανατικῶν ἢ μεταβολῆς ἢ σκυλμῶν, ἀπὸ τοῦ δυτικοῦ”
[transliteration: ‘hotan de peri thanatikōn hē metabolēs hē skulmōn, apo tu dutiku’]
{translation: ..for [matters] concerning death or change or trouble, [forecast] from Descendant}.

This is from Book IV of Valens where he speaks about the transmissions or the ‘profections’ as we know them today.
He says that transmissions starting from Descendant are pertaining to times relating to danger, troubles, death.
It is interesting that rarely people today connect the setting place with death, but Hellenistic astrologers did connect the setting place with death. The same regard to this place is still holding practical value in Hindu astrology today. They call 2nd and 7th Place – Maraka Sthana or death afflicting place, and the time-lordship of the lord of Maraka Sthana is considered to bring the time of death. For example, when Lord of 7th rules the Dasha period, if all things are equal, this lord can cause death.
I think we should re-examine this place and ponder more on the original doctrines of the Hellenistic astrologers and try to use them in our practice. Look for the profection of Descendant over critical places, or sensitive points profecting to descendant, but since this will repeat in 12 years interval, look for repetition of testimonies in other time-lord techniques.

As an exemplification of the previous quote, let us check the chart of Jackie Kennedy. She died on 19 May 1994 when was 64 years old.

The profections of the Ascendant in her 65th year of life, or 64th birthday, are to the 5th sign Pisces. Now we move all places 5 signs forward. The death-indicating place (Descendant) moves to 11th sign Virgo where Mars is positioned. Mars is Lord of Ascendant and hence the profection of Descendant to Mars is highly sensitive, since Mars is determined toward rulership of the overall disposition of the native: body, soul, character, life. This is one indication of dangerous period, especially because Mars as natural malefic, from 11th is in opposition to the profected ascendant in Pisces. Saturn is in a Pivot from profected ascendant and is overcoming [being in 10th sign from it] the profected ascendant. Remember that Pivots (angular signs from) are very important in any case study. So, we can expect dangerous year, but we could not announce danger to life yet, it is too soon from these testimonies only.

Now we would use some long-term time lord technique like Decennials. On the right side of the screen, you can notice that in 1993, Jackie entered Mercury Decennials period on major level and this is problematic due to the reasons that Mercury rules the 8th – also place of death. Mercury rules the months also, Moon the days and Sun the hours. We can see here how the Lord of the Place indicating Death (8th), is distributing to itself, to Moon and Sun. Moon and Sun are the source of life, so the Lord of Death by virtue of ruling the 8th, is handing over to the Lords of Life naturally. Moon is the body and Sun the Life itself, the organ of mental perception, of consciousness if you like.

In the month of her death, Saturn already made an ingress to the sign of profected Ascendant (Pisces), which makes this period of time really dangerous to her life, because Ascendant and its profections represent the length of life (according to Valens again) and both malefic is transiting it. Profected Ascendant is the Esse (being) of the native for that particular year, or the disposition of her body and soul if you like. We can see from all this that the times are dangerous to her body and life.


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