Those who say that Firdaria doesn’t work, believe me, didn’t make it to work for them. I am amazed by how people come to very rapid conclusions after checking 20 charts and even then without proper understanding of how the technique works. They easily become ‘disappointed’ by the techniques.

I can provide at least 20-30 descriptive examples of how this technique works magnificently.

For example, my nephew (3 years old) this September went with his parents to live in another country [living abroad] has Mars in 12th ruling the 9th. In august this year Mars took to distribute the firdar of Moon. Now, the first thing: natural rulership. BOTH Moon and Mars have to do with moving, change and travel. It is our first clue that there may be a travel. Then we go to the specific determinations by position and rulership of both Moon and Mars.
Moon rules his 12th [cadent places has to do with travel and living abroad] and Mars is in the 12th. Additionally, Mars rules the 9th [another cadent place that has to do with living abroad].

In the Solar Return I found Mars in 7th [again, place that has to do with living abroad] in very close conjunct with the Lot of Living Abroad [Asc + Lord of the 9th House – The Cusp of the 9th House, for night births, it is reversed for day births].

All these factors, brought many testimonies that yes, he will travel and live abroad in this year.

One thought on “Example of Travel and Living Abroad

  1. What if both SR and profection have the 4th house sign ascending?
    I heard that when the signs are the same it is an important year

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