I am looking at the Solar Returns of both John F. Kennedy’s chart and the chart of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria [both publicly assassinated], for the year they were assassinated and I notice that both had natal MC in Solar Return 8th in that year.
In addition, Jackie Kennedy had it too, with her natal Sun in Leo up there on MC (using the rectification of Regulus Astrology) representing her powerful husband (Sun in Leo on MC) falling in Solar Return 8th, as one of the indicators for his public assassination. I think I noticed this indicator earlier too [with natal MC in SR 8th for the year of an assassination], in some other charts, but didn’t pay any attention to it. I will from now on.

3 thoughts on “Natal MC in Solar Return 8th

  1. In James Dean’s case it is vice versa: Solar Return MC falls in natal 8th. It is still intriguing though.

    However, one should not investigate one factor only. Astrology is made up of many factors combined, so it is the prediction. Nevertheless, it is always noteworthy when one finds a repeated factor for same kind of event at different charts. There is most certainly something in it [as part of a wider set of testimonies]. This does not mean that basing on that factor alone, one could always announce public assassination, public death, or anything of that sort. It may also mean that ones career will in that year be related to the partners money or any other sort of 10th/8th house connection.

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