Another example: sun, Mercury in Gemini, moon in Capricorn, Saturn, Mars in Aquarius, Venus, Ascendant in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio. This man, though born a slave, entered a noble family, attained political offices, and enjoyed honors. The rulers <Saturn Mercury> of the triangle of the sun <Gemini Libra Aquarius> and of the Lot and the exaltation were found in their own domains and in aspect with Jupiter. Mars, Saturn, and Mercury were unfavorably situated and so reduced his means and made him financially embarrassed. [Riley p.37]

This is interesting example in many respects. It is the chapter where Valens gives examples after he wrote elaborately on Prosperity and eminence factors in a chart. We see here how Valens gives a chart of a person born slave but later becoming free man through the marriage [probably] because he says ‘entered a noble family’, and then later again the twist of fate put him down in the society.
We see that Sun is in 12th, which in itself is one indication for slavery in birth chart. Moon can easily be in the 6th by division but because we don’t have the exact chart parameters, we can’t judge that. If so, then Moon will be another indication for slavery. Lights in 6th and 12th bring slavery.

The first thing for prosperity, Valens analyzes the two triplicity Lords of the Sun as a Light of the Time. He found Saturn and Mercury in their own signs (Aquarius and Gemini respectively), in the same time being triplicity lords of Lot of Fortune (airy triplicity).
I am not sure why Valens says ‘and of exaltation’ since exaltation calculated by sign falls in Taurus.

The interesting thing is to notice how Valens puts weight on the ‘essential dignity’ of the planet, saying that the respective rulers were in their own domains and in aspect to Jupiter. Jupiter is on the stake (on a Pivot) in regard to Saturn but doesn’t aspect Mercury. In the later sentence Valens says that because of the ‘unfavorable situated’ Mars, Mercury and Saturn, he had financial breakdown. Contradictions? Valens is cryptic in many places in his book it is not only here. Now, Saturn and Mercury were favorably situated in regard to essential dignity, being in their own domiciles, but in bad houses (8th and 12th respectively). So even though he gained something (notice that the Lord of Fortune is with Fortune), the bad position of the rulers by house, kept him humble in regard to his livelihood.
If this is not a typo [objective probability], or any other error in the transmission of the text, then I think that Valens deliberately gives us these charts in such a cryptic manner, in order to make us think. But our brain hurts from so much thinking over his obviously very cryptic text!

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