Marc Dutroux – Belgian serial killer, kidnapper and rapist who in 1995 committed several kidnappings, rapes and murders of young girls. You can watch a documentary about his full story here.

What in this man’s chart shows his sick mind?


I always start analyzing a chart with the ascendant and the Lord of the Ascendant, but the planets inside the ascendant play great role too. We find L8 Mercury on ascendant, of which one of the delineations could be that the native will often think about death. I have also found this to be true of people bearing some anxiety problems as the 8th is really an idle place, and its Lord would not always show a mere death. I tend to see it as a dark place and its Lord being on the ascendant, can contribute to the anxious state of the mind of the native.

Let’s look at the Lord of the ascendant.
We see Mars as L1 in 5th house of children. The man is a pedophile. Now Mars alone would not testify for such a deep psychological problems that lie behind this man with awful actions, but it is important to note that Mars naturally signifies violent actions and murderers. In addition to this, we find Mars in configuration with Moon, naturally representing the sensitive part of our soul. Moon is in terms of Mars and this is the description Valens gives for those 4 degrees in Saghittarius:

  “The next 4° belong to Mars: hot, rash, violent, shameless.”

Having Moon in these terms, in second house opposing the house of death, and in superior square to Mars, trigonally aspecting
the MC (actions) it shows that his actions could be violent, and probably due to some distortion in the sensitive part of the soul (psychologist would say deeply rooted problem from the childhood which leaved impression on his subconscious mind). The next quote is about Mars by day, but it is interesting to note what Valens has to say about Moon and Mars in square configuration:

“…if Mars should be square with the moon while on the left [further in the order of the zodiac signs] and in another’s degrees or signs, it will be the cause of many reversals and afflictions for the mother, as well as reduction in rank. Men will be subject to travel; some become soldiers, toilsome and violent.” p.31

We see that the configuration of Moon with Mars in square, while Moon being on the right [behind Mars in the order of the zodiac signs] pertains to violent actions. Valens put this in category of ‘day charts’ because Mars in such case is less tempered and more excessive, but with lesser intensity we can expect similar meanings in night charts too. Actually, it is not clear from the context whether Valens speaks of Moon being on the left or Mars. Both translations (Riley, Schmidt) have ambiguous translation and I do not have the Greek in front of me now to check. Nevertheless, let us take into account the mere square configuration as indicative for the said.

Actually, whether the chart is a day or a night one, it is very questionable in his chart, Sun is very close to the ascendant degree.

In June 1995 Dutroux kidnapped and raped two girls, he tortured them for 8 months. He also buried alive two teen girls. Here he is 38 years old. Mars from 5th house distributes to the 7th house [annual profections]. The 7th house is the house of the other people, of sex too. Even the 5th is the house of the sexual pleasures according to some later authors [associated with Venus who rejoice in this house]. So Mars as Lord of first house, distributing to the 7th, aroused the violent actions toward other people and children (5th) in this man.

This is happening under Mars/Jupiter firdar.
If we examine closely we would see that Mars is applying an opposition to Jupiter who rules it. It is very questionable how effective the reception through opposition really is.

Here is Valens’ experience of Jupiter/Mars tense aspects:

“When [Mars and Jupiter are in] square, they have the same effect as when trine, but with dangers and setbacks. When in opposition in inoperative signs, they become harsh.” p.34

Now, they are not in inoperative signs (since 5th and 11th are operative), nevertheless, the tensions between the two will not be completely ameliorated. The word which Riley translated as ‘harsh’ is ‘chalepos‘ with meaning difficult, hard to bear, painful, grievous, ill-tempered, unpleasant and even dangerous.

If we look the Solar Return for that year, in which his most grievous actions began, we take note of Saturn who is Lord of the Year and had ingressed into the sign of natal Mars (Pisces).


Here is what Pseudo-Valens has to say about this ingress:

“When it [Saturn] has come to the [place] of Ares, it causes dangers to the body, alienations, loss of one’s own, rapine and faint-heartedness, enmities toward one’s own and toward another’s, lawsuits and imposts.”

Here is what Abu Ma’shar has to say about this ingress:

“And if Saturn at the time of the revolution will reach the [natal] place of Mars, and Saturn will have dignity in either the Ascendant of the nativity or in the Ascendant of the revolution, or in the Lot of Fortune, it signifies a foreign journey and need with respect to brothers and friends, and advantage from them. However, he will be deceived about his own operations and will be idle in [his] education,  and his thoughts will be unjust; and he will be of middling faith in his own tenets, and he will be accused on account of this. And if Saturn will have no dignity with the aforesaid, he will suffer evils and be saddened on account of brothers and friends, and he will jump at the chance for travel and will go on a foreign journey.”

Saturn indeed has dignity over the solar return ascendant, over solar return fortune and he is LOY, so his ingress is very much important. We see that he will be filled with unjust thoughts, ‘deceived about his own operations’ and ‘will be accused on account of this’.

This delineation will not fit in all cases and for all the people. Sooner or later, Saturn will hit natal Mars in every chart.
The proportion of the said will be measured according to the natal promise. Here we deal with problematic person prone to violence, so Saturn only triggered those natal tendencies.

We notice in the Solar Return, Capricorn the sign of the annual profections of the ascendant falling on the east of the year.
Mars in SR falls in 8th from ascendant and from the sign of the annual profections (duplication of the significations of the 8th house). This Mars from SR 8th falls in the natal sign of MC (actions). So we see that the year tendencies
modify the natal tendencies, and thus, violence, anxiety and fear will  activate his actions, especially because Mars in natal rules the ascendant and falls on MC from SR.

The interchange of the angles and rulers of the same between the natal and solar return chart is very important. We see natal ascendant falling in Solar Return 10th/11th. Solar Return ascendant falling in 2nd/3rd.
Lord of natal ascendant – Mars – in 8th of the SR. SR Asc Lord – Saturn – in 1st/2nd natal.
Natal MC in 8th of the SR. SR MC in natal 1st.

We see repetition on the 1st house and MC (important, as it will activate native’s actions, brings much activity in the year), and also repetition on 2nd/8th axis. So, much activity related to the subjects of 2nd and 8th house.

We also notice that the natal configuration of Mars/Jupiter in opposition, in this year is also intensified with square relationship, Jupiter in 10th/11th and Mars in 8th. Again connection between native’s actions and the subject of death.

Let us investigate Saturn as LOY more closely.
Saturn is a malefic contrary to the sect in favor (day planet in a night chart). It is a masculine planet west relative to the Sun (where planets receive more feminine accidental qualities). It aspects the 8th house through opposition. Saturn is especially notorious when in opposition. So its aspect to the 8th house – by the teaching of the complementarity of the opposite houses – has
something to say in similar manner as to the case where Saturn is actually in the 8th house. When I say that Saturn is in the 2nd house, I mean second whole sign house.

Saturn will dispose the esse (beingness) of the native in this year.
Notice its SR state: occidental, retrograde, cadent by sign (succedent by division), squering its natal position, in a sign where it is peregrine and where its cold nature comes to the fore, especially positioned in the opposide half of the Sun.

I have also found that when some Lot rises in the east of the year, it brings into the fore the significations of that Lot. For example, whenever the Lot of Marriage rises in the east of the year, often times bring marriage.
In this case we have the Lot of Nemesis (the Lot of Saturn) in 15°Capricorn rising in the east of the year. What Lot of Nemesis signifies?

According to Paul of Alexandria:

kruptō = hidden things, covered things, buried things [it is noteworthy that two of the victims Dutroux buried alive].

fugē = place of refugee, banishment, exiles.

apōleia = destruction, loss.

penthos = grief, sorrow, mourning, unhappy event, misfortune.

We see that these accidents rise in the east of the year and as such become theme in his life. Natally Saturn is unable to govern the affairs of this lot because it is in aversion to it. Mars as exalted Lord most closely aspects the Lot and as representative of the native’s dealings (L1) will add to the picture of his mind with all those qualities explained above.

The case of Marc Dutroux was never fully clarified. Many people were not satisfied with the suspicious elements of the investigation and the dismissal of some testimonies of a witnesses witnessing that Dutroux was only part of a pedophile network protected by the authorities [in which Belgium politicians and high officials were part]. 20 people connected to the case died under suspicious circumstances before the time they were about to testify.

Now, there are indications in his chart that he will be involved with the great people of the state and high officials.
Sun as L10 applies trine to Mars who is L1. This was seen as the ‘King favoring the native’ by the ancient astrologers.

“If there were an application between them, it signifies the native will attainand advantage from kings…if the Lord of the Midheaven applied to the Lord ofthe Ascendant, it is a sign that kings and princess will call him and extol himwithout being asked.” [Persian Naitivities I, Abu Ali, trans. by B. Dykes, p.295]

Now he finished behind the bars after all, but the masses played great part in this, with their protests and pushing the case against Dutroux.

Let us be clear about something. There are many nuances in chart analysing that are more easily to be seen in hindsight then in prediction. It is just that so many peculiarities are reserved only for the gods, as Valens put it. Nevertheless, it is still sueful
to investigate them even as a hindsight, to see how astrology can really be descriptive and on the spot in certain situations.

4 thoughts on “In the Mind of the Monster of Belgium

    1. Hello,

      I use both: quadrant and whole sign houses.
      I would not say that they work ‘better’. It is just that I like the approach of combining the divisions (quadrants) and the WS, it gives great results 🙂

      P.S. Quadrants go back to Valens and even pre-Valens astrologers from whom he took the concept. It is still doubtful whether they used them as topic indicators or for strength significations only.


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