Fellow reader of this blog asked me in a private e-mail to give figural demonstration of the example of travel and living abroad using Firdaria, example of which I spoke the other day here on my blog, but without giving the actual chart and demonstration.


Here is the natal chart of the native. First we will analyze it to see if living abroad is promised in this chart. The Lot of Living Abroad for night births is Asc + Ruler of 9th House – Cusp of 9th House [reversed by day]. The Lot of Living Abroad in this chart falls in 0° 32′ 50″ Sagittarius.  It falls in 4th house by division and 5th house by counting [whole signs]. Its Lord Jupiter falls in 6th division and 7th house by counting. The 7th Place is Place connected to travel and living abroad. Sun the Lord of the Ascendant applies trine to this Jupiter which is one indication that the native may be involved in travel and living abroad. Another indication promised in the natal chart is that Mars as Lord of the 9th house is in the 12th place of living abroad [as all cadent places indicate this]. In ancient times the 12th was connected to exile and even though exile may happen in modern times too, I think that we can make this signification a bit broader in scope. It may mean travel not for the purpose of enjoyment, or travel because one is forced to travel. In this example, the father of the native whose chart we are looking at, took job in another country and was kind of ‘forced’ to live abroad. If one examines closely, one would notice that Mars also rules the 4th house of the father, so kind of connects the travel and living abroad for the native with the significations of the father.

So, these indications gives us clues that the native may live abroad at certain point in life. For when the native may live abroad, we would look at the time-lordship of the planets involved in this natal promise, that is, Sun, Jupiter, Mars, 4th, 5th house, 7th, 9th and 12th. The year where more of these factors are triggered, will most likely show travel or living abroad. [Sun as Lord of Ascendant on the cusp of the 3rd house is also indicative for travel].

Bear in mind also that Mars is natural significator of travel and was often times taken into consideration of the almuten for the 9th house matters related to travel. So even if Mars was not Lord of the 9th (which here incidentally is) we would have taken its significations into account.

Another indications for the promised in the natal chart in regard to travel:

“Look at the Moon on the third day of the nativity: which if she were commingled to Mars or in his domicile or bound, with him aspecting her, it signifies foreign travels and many journeys.” [Abū Ali – On the Judgments of Nativities, PN I, p.288, Dykes’ translation]

This is the chart for the 3rd day of the Moon as calculated with Delphic Oracle astrological software:


As we can see Moon is in the same sign with Mars and that happens to be 12th natal sign, as we already said, connected to going abroad. In this chart Moon applies toward Sun which is in the 3rd house [has to do with travel], Lord of the Ascendant and Lord of 9th by exaltation, opposing the 9th.

Yet another signification in the natal chart that the native will live abroad. Remember, we must thoroughly understand what is promised in the birth chart as static, before going to delineate what will be in the dynamic context of our chart [our lives] as indicated by the time techniques. I am really surprised seeing people going straight ahead to delineate the Solar Returns, the Firdaria and other techniques indicating certain time period in our life, without even looking thoroughly at the natal chart. This is – I would say – brutally wrong and a sign of bad astrology.

“If the Lord of the Ascendant were in its own descension, it signifies the native’s livelihood [will be] in foreign regions.” [ibid.]

Remember, ALL THESE things contributed to the judgement for the promised regarded the foreign travel and living. Please do not ask me or tell me ‘but I have Lord of the Ascendant in descension and I have never lived abroad in my life’. We must understand once and for all that the astrological judgement is constituted by many factors pointing on to a certain direction, not by merely one factor taken in isolation. As you can see in my elaborations here [not only in this post], I do take many factors that lead me toward a final conclusion, not merely one.

Let us now proceed toward the timing examinations.

The native is now living his 3rd birthday, but this is his 4th year of life. So the profections of the ascendant came to the 4th natal sign [move the ascendant through signs not house divisions]. The lord of this sign is Mars so Mars will be Lord of the Year. Mars will dispose the esse or the beingness of the native in this year. Where is Mars in the natal chart? In 12th house. What Mars promises by its position and rulership in the natal chart? It signifies travels because of its rulership of the 9th and also living abroad, something that is accentuated through it being positioned in cadent 12th house and receiving joining [with the Moon]  on the 3rd day of the Moon.

Which planets rule the Firdaria? Moon and Mars. Mars took over this august and disposes the Firdar of the Moon. Both planets are important for travel and living abroad [the one in the 12th the other ruling the 12th]. Moon in natal applies toward the exalted Lord of 9th – Sun, who happens to be in the 3rd and being Lord of Ascendant itself. So Mars is being accentuated very much in this year.

As the old masters of this art advises us, the next step we need to do [after examining the natal promise thoroughly, after examining which planets have time-lordship over the year] we need to see the general state of these planets in the Solar Return. This is the Solar Return for the year when the native happened to travel for living abroad.


Mars will be of greatest concern here because it is LOY and disposer of the Firdar of the Moon [the aversion between Moon and Mars is also indicative of going abroad]. We find Mars in the 7th [has to do with travel and going abroad] conjuncting almost partirely natal Lot of Living Abroad at 0° 32′ 50″, thus clearly indicating that travel and living abroad are very much likely in this year. The sign of the profection [Scorpio] falls in this 7th house too.

If we examine this Solar Return chart more closely, and take it as a separate chart, we can see how Mercury translates Saturn’s light [L9] to Venus [L1] in 4th, that clearly shows travel connected to his parents. Saturn just made an ingress into Scorpio – natal sign of the 4th house/IC. The Firdar Lord Moon, in 20Cancer falls in cadent 3rd house in the Solar, applying toward natal Mars in cadent 12th. This is yet another indication that in this year there will be travel. The thing that Moon falls in the 4th quadrant of the year [AC – MC is first quadrant, MC – DC 2nd, DC – IC 3rd, IC- AC 4th], gives timing indications that the travel will happen in the last 3 months of the year [according to Abū Ma’shar], as it was actually the case.

I am sure there can be found many more indications. But since I am writing this almost in one breath, let these be enough for the visible demonstration that was required from me today. 🙂

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