The other day I posted the chart of Pietro Anigoni who had L7 in 2nd (that is, 8th from 7th or the death of the partner). In this chart I want to point out the same factor applied.


The chart of Marie Curie also has Moon as L7 in 8th from 7th (notice that Moon is there by division but not by sign, argues for the importance of the house divisions). It seems that whenever such configuration is present, the chart argues for the partner predeceasing the native (if that planet is afflicted otherwise, not necessarily by the mere presence in that house). Moon is in conjunction with the malefic South Node and the death of her husband happened toward the end of the Moon’s firdar.

In the Solar Return for the year [1905/1906] we find that Sun [the husband] from natal 10th is positioned [transferred] in the 6th of the Solar Return (accidents and illnesses) in applying square to Saturn positioned on the cusp of natal 2nd house (8th from 7th) lording it. Solar Return Moon also falls in natal 2nd (8th from 7th). Pisces is the sign of the annual profections of the Ascendant and here we have this configuration of Moon as L7 and South Node. 9th sign from 7th, but intercepted inside the 8th house division.

4 thoughts on “Marie Curie and the Death of her Husband

  1. Hello Ile! Interesting research! My father lost his wife exactly following this criteria, but my uncle, not. It would be interesting to do some statistics, what you think? The matter is interesting, no doubt:-)

    1. Hi Clelia!

      Well, it is not a research…just my curiosity 🙂
      As you already know, no criteria in astrology will repeat 100% of the times, but it is very interesting to make a statistical delineation. I may do that when I’ll have the time.

  2. I find it interesting that the Moon is applying to angular Saturn in the turned 4th (death/endings) in Scorpio, lord of the husband’s 8th in Aquarius with no reception involved. Regardless of the trine , Saturn is very harmful for the Moon as it is posited in the sign of its fall.

    1. Most definitely. And Moon is separating from Sun (radical 8th Lord) applying to Saturn (his 8th Lord). Saturn is L8 from 7th but it is her ruler in 10th of honors. It is note worthy that after her husband’s death, she took over the chair in the physics department [honors] prepared for him, as Wikipedia testifies: “On 13 May 1906 the physics department of the University of Paris decided to retain the chair that had been created for Pierre and to offer it to Marie”.

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