The Concept of Karma

What is Karma? Karma simply means ‘action’. Its logic is that everything that exists has its own cause behind it, that once upon a time, this effect felt in the present had a causative mover behind it.

I contemplated a lot these days as to see how I can incorporate it into my approach to astrology, and found out that whenever a certain planet is activated in your horoscope, for example through Firdaria, that planet brings its own Karma with it: in both accidental and natural significations.

I am currently in Mercury/Venus Firdaria, and I found out that I am constantly having romantic feelings on the fore of my being, feelings which I can track back to my teen days when Venus ruled Firdaria on a general level. These feelings mixed with different inner states (some negative some positive, according to the appropriate experience) were started back then when I had romantic encounters and now these same feelings are triggered once again. This Karma on an inner level. But also on an outer. The outer circumstances are bringing the environment that would stimulate these feelings inside me. Where is the Free Will? In healing the Karma if it is negative, and embracing the positive. We do have the power to choose. It would have been very sad if we have not. Don’t believe that we and our lives are 100% predetermined, that is for the lazy people with emotional masochistic tendencies.

So basically, each planet in your horoscope has its own Karma with it. It is activated whenever that planet rules the times through some timing technique. One could enter into deep philosophical discussions as to whether there are past lives, who controls that Karma, etc. I found out that from a practical viewpoint, one doesn’t need that in order to live its own astrology, to learn about the causes and effects, and to learn how one can evolve above them with the purpose to live more full and enriched life inside the scope of its own conditioning.

Think about these concepts and find your own truth, of course, with the guidance of the astrological principles.