Hard year for Cristiano Ronaldo – How to use Decennials and Profections

All those of you who enjoy watching or playing football know who is Cristiano Ronaldo. Regarded as one of the best football players in the world today, not many of us know of the fact that back in year 2005 he was accused for raping a woman in London. This was in October 2005 just month after he lost his father. No doubt this was very hard year for Ronaldo. He was still very young and promising football player but was not the famous Ronaldo we know today. He was only 20 years old.

Without too much introduction to his life, and basic natal delineation of his chart, I would like to go ahead with picturing this event and the natal promise for the same through the technique called by some Decennials [even though the name is somewhat inappropriate, but it is widely used today]. I already wrote here about this technique and how you can calculate it.

Here is Ronaldo’s chart:

Right click on the photo to view it in another tab and bigger resolution.

We can see his Mars and Venus on Ascendant. Mars in its own sign, brilliant for a football player, in Aries very fiery-like and domineering. Venus, the Lady of Performance is joined with Mars in his heart. Venus rules the 7th of other people in general but also that of women. This planet on ascendant shows signs of why women are into him. The combination of Mars and Venus, especially on Ascendant gives great sexual strength and attractiveness to the opposite sex.

This conjunction of Mars and Venus for this particular ascendant brings some problems also. Both planet rule 7th and 8th respectively, places not very much favored. 7th rules conflicts, litigation, lawsuits, and 8th is that of anxiety, fear, and according to Valens, also lawsuits. Saturn and Mars naturally rule accusations and Mars is Saturn’s dispositor, so by being on ascendant, is connecting 8th house with 1st house and the significations of Mars and Saturn together. So, we know now that whenever Mars would rule the times, he would activate all the things I have mentioned above, but also many of his natural significations which are too many to name here.

I think that many people today forget about the natural significations of the planets, and these are one of the basic failure reasons in our delineations. Whenever Mars is activated, his natural significations are also activated. So even though Mars in your horoscope may be the best planet in beneficial terms, he is still naturally malefic, and his natural tendencies can not be passed.

On the photo I provide above, on the right side of the screen you can see the activation of the decennials calculated in Delphic Oracle. For those of you who don’t have DO software, I recommend you to read my article on Decennials and learn how you can calculate them by hand, that is, using some Web tools.

We can see that Mars is disposing the years or the general times, and out if its own years, Mars disposes months to the Sun, and days to Saturn. So the lordship for this particular event in Ronaldo’s life is Mars/Sun/Saturn. You can see here how problematic this month could be in his life. Mars disposing to Sun and Sun handing over to Saturn is not good at all. In only 1 month he lost his father and was accused for rapping a woman. The whole world can turn over your head in such a short time.

Here are some keywords for Mars/Sun chronocratorship which I took from many different sources like Valens/Hephaistio and Gaurico:
Dangers/Disturbances/Pain/Illness related to eyes/Violence/Torture/Unavoidable things [fated events]/Risks/Risk taking/Dangers to life/Lawsuits and lost of reputation/

Mars rules lawsuits and Sun reputation. Sun and Saturn also rule the father. So, we can see how these natural qualities of the planets are pretty much descriptive of the situation into which Ronaldo was involved at that particular time in life. Now, the trick is how to choose before hand, in prediction, which of these qualities will prevail and actually happen. There is no golden rule for this, the practice and talent of the astrologer will have the final judgment call. Using the accidental significations of the planets (their position in chart and rulership), one can narrow down the possibilities and particulars, but still, there is no rule and no substitution for astrologer’s talent and experience.

Mars rules 8th, is found with Venus who rules 7th on ascendant. This combination itself points out that the native (Mars) at particular time in life could be involved in litigation (Venus and 7th).
Now when Mars rules the times, his position, rulership, natural qualities, and also aspects (association with Venus) are activated. Mars is Saturn’s dispositor, so we know that when Saturn will rule the minor periods, some danger related to 1st and 8th house can happen. As I said, Valens often times takes 8th as representative of lawsuits, and Saturn itself represents lawsuits.
Sun rules 5th of love affairs and sex, but Mars/Venus conjunction also signifies the same, so we have two pointers toward one direction

Furthermore, the year of profection is counted by 9 signs since he was living his 20th birthday.
Ascendant, Mars and Venus are profecting to Sagittarius in 9th, but what is more important is Moon’s profecting to Ascendant, Mars and Venus. Moon handing over to Mars is never easy. Here it is what Valens says about this kind of distribution:

The moon transmitting to Mars brings a hard year, especially if the moon is waxing (for day births): it causes dangers and illness, bleeding, falls, accidents with fire, penalties, domestic disorder, the deaths of or separations from females, hostility, trials, imprisonment, and upheavals of the masses. [Valens – Anthologies, trans. Mark T. Riley, p. 85, underline mine]

This is another indication for the problematic year. Saturn is transmitting to 4th house, that of parents and particular the father. Saturn represents death and is positioned in the place of death, transmitting to 4th house. Sun natural significator of the father for day birth, being found in 8th from 4th (death of father) is transmitting to 7th house, another place indicating death for the Hellenistic astrologers. Mars [Ascendant and Venus] transmitting to 9th can indicate problems while being abroad. Ronaldo is being abroad in England, since he is from Portugal.

With this kind of practicing one is building experience and skills needed for not only delineating things in hindsight, but for being able to predict for the future after some years doing the same on a daily basis. Using the right principles, the right techniques, and drinking from the ocean of wisdom of the old sages, we can become better astrologers if the Fates wants us to become ๐Ÿ™‚