Quick View at the chart of Bertrand Russell (Using Firdaria)

Bertrand Russell, the famous philosopher, mathematician, logician, historian and social critic who lived life full with years [died in his 98th year of life], filled with controversies and conflicts with different social leaders and governments.

His chart is of a B rating on astrodatabank, but I found some accurate correlations between his life and the chart as it is given there. I will make note of those in this post.


For the purpose of getting to know him at least a bit, let me quote from his book “The Conquest of Happiness”:

I was not born happy. As a child, my favourite hymn was:
‘Weary of earth and laden with my sin’. At the age of five, I reflected that, if I should  live to be seventy, I had only endured, so far,  a fourteenth part of my whole life, and I  felt the  long  spread-out boredom ahead of  me to be almost unendurable. In adolescence, I hated life and was continually on the verge of suicide, from which, however, I was restrained by the desire to know more mathematics.
Now, on the contrary, I enjoy life; I might almost say that with every year that passes
I enjoy it more. This is due partly to having discovered what were the things that I
most desired and having gradually acquired many of these things.  Partly it is due to having successfully dismissed certain objects of desire  –  such as the acquisition of indubitable knowledge about something or other  –  as essentially unattainable. But  very  largely it is due to a diminishing preoccupation with myself.    Like others who had a Puritan education,  I had the habit of meditating on my sins, follies, and shortcomings.
I seemed to myself – no doubt justly – a miserable specimen.
Gradually I learned to be indifferent to myself and my deficiencies; I came to centre my  attention  increasingly  upon  external  objects:  the  state  of  the  world,  various branches of knowledge, individuals for whom I felt affection. [The Conquest of Happiness by Bertrand Russell, p.5-6, 1930 London: George Allen & Unwin.]

Let us consider this part of the quote: “In adolescence, I hated life and was continually on the verge of suicide…

He is born with Scorpio on the East and Mars as its Lord is in the domicile opposite to this one in the setting sign under the Sun’s beams. Here’s what Valens has to say about this configuration:

Malefics setting while out of their own signs cause suicides.[Anthologies p.29]

Look the end of Russell’s sentence:

“…from which, however, I was restrained by the desire to know more mathematics.”


Benefics [in the setting sign] make men with much experience and those who are fortunate in old age.

Mercury is the true calculus, the mathamatician and is aspecting the ascendant most closely from opposition. Mercury is in its own decan and visible astronomically. It is in concourse (inside 15°) with Venus in her own sign and she is giving him reception (by sign). It is most likely that this (and as we can see later on, the elevated Jupiter) saved the young Bertrand from taking off his life at a young age.

Let us examine his time line.

(1874) Death of mother and sister. He is 2 years old. We can see at this period Saturn transiting the IC. In natal Saturn is ruling the 3rd and is found in 3rd himself [the house of sisters]. The IC symbolizes the ends and is one of the wicked houses. I do not have a lot of information right now on to when and how exactly they died. If it was after May the 18th in 1874, then by profection his ascendant would came into the third sign and would handing over to Saturn.

(1876) Death of father; Russell’s grandfather, Lord John Russell (the former Prime Minister), and grandmother succeed in overturning Russell’s father’s will to win custody of Russell and his brother.

Bertrand is now in Sun/Mercury or Sun/Moon Firdaria. If the death of the father took place prior august 1876, then the Sun/Mercury sequence would make sense because Sun naturally rules the father (especially in a day chart) and Mercury rules the 8th from 4th (the death of the father). Moon is also in the 8th from the 4th, so both can give similar indication.


Additionally, Mercury rules the Lot of Father at 28° Gemini, falling at the 8th house of death.

(1878) Death of grandfather; Russell’s grandmother, Lady Russell, supervises Russell’s upbringing.

Most likely under Sun/Saturn firdaria. Saturn rules the ancestors here by ruling the 4th in Aquarius, but also, Saturn naturally represents the old people.

Next important event in his life is entering the college:

(1890) Enters Trinity College, Cambridge; meets Whitehead.


You will notice that this correlates with Mercury taking over the years on a general level through Firdaria. Mercury is, as we said, strongly angular, visible astronomically, and in its own decan.

(1893) Awarded first-class B.A. in Mathematics.

This is under Mercury/Moon. Moon rules the 9th of higher education and is in the 11th house of Good Spirit (though in 12th sign).  Mercury himself rules the Good Spirit (both by sign and division).

(1894) marries Alys Pearsall Smith.

Most likely under Mercury/Saturn. Mercury is determined toward marriage by the mere position in the 7th. Saturn rules the Lot of Marriage in Aquarius. Mercury is also Lord of the Year which doubles and accentuates its role and importance for the year.

(1896) travels to the United States.

This is under Mercury/Jupiter. We can see the exalted Jupiter in 9th of travel overseas, quite clearly shows the picture.

He got quite a success under Mercury’s Firdaria. Let’s now consider the Moon general rulership over the Firdaria.


(1907) Runs for parliament and is defeated.

Under Moon/Mars. Moon is in the house of Good Spirit by division, but the house of Bad Spirit by sign, quite a double sided. She posses at least a dignity of Decan in Libra. It is strong by quantity (in succedent by division) but ends up in the hands of Saturn who is even though receiving her in its exaltation in Libra, it is retrograde and is in the detriment of the Moon. If he is in 12th sign profection, then Venus would be LOY and she in 7th house of the opponents, in her own sign, can show quite powerful opponents, while his ruler Mars in 7th in detriment and USB, can show that he has little power over his opponents or open enemies. Now, this is one of the explanations and rather a quick one. If one thinks it through, some other analogies may arise.

(1908) Elected Fellow of the Royal Society.

If he is under Moon/Sun Firdaria, then this is quite interesting because Sun as Lord of 10th (Kings, Royalties, Authorities and Profession) has Mars as L1 applying toward it. It was said by the ancients that if there is an application between these two, there can be benefits from the Kings.

Let us now consider the Saturn Firdaria.


(1916) Fined 100 pounds and dismissed from Trinity College as a result of anti-war writings; denied a passport and so unable to lecture at Harvard.

This is under Saturn/Mars. When the two malefics rule the time, little good there can be expected. By virtue of opposing the 9th from the 3rd, Saturn has something to do with teaching, colleges and similar. Mars in 7th is controversial enough, as it is with its state. Saturn is in 3rd and retrograde and as opposing the 9th, can give controversions toward the subjects of the 9th too (as much as the other religions and cults were controversial to the monotheistic religions). Mars in 7th has something to do with exiles too. So here we have quite a good picture of what happened during these times.

(1918) Imprisoned for five months as a result of anti-war writings.

If this is under Saturn/Venus we again have a picture. Venus rules the 12th of imprisonment. It is in the 7th of open enemies. 7th as we said is one of the wicked houses, so planets here even though in a good state, can symbolize controversial things too, especially when as this Venus, they rule the 12th house of Bad Spirit.

(1921) Divorce from Alys and marriage to Dora Black.

This is most likely under Saturn/Mercury. If you remember, he married under Mercury/Saturn. Now again both planets rule the times.

(1922) Runs for parliament and is defeated.

Again defeat. And again when Moon is involved in ruling the times.

Let us now consider the Jupiter firdaria.


This is the time when he wrote one of his finest philosophical works. Jupiter is exalted, of the sect in favor, in the house of philosophy and ruling the 5th of Good Fortune and Creativity. Jupiter is also Lord of the Fortune.

If benefics happen to be in this [9th] Place and have been assigned the Ascendant or Fortune, the native will be blessed, reverent, a prophet of the great god; in fact he will be obeyed like a god. [p.28]

(1927) Opens experimental school with Dora

Quite appropriate for Jupiter in 9th.

Let us now consider the Mars’ Firdaria.


(1935) Divorce from Dora.

As soon as he entered Mars’ Firdaria, we find divorce as an event. We already described Mars’ state. We find him in the house of marriage and divorce. This Mars is most likely to seek divorce then marriage, as it can be judged by his state and position. Although, he married in the next year for the 3rd time. He will marry for the 4th time later on (as there are 4 planets in the 7th sign).

His life story goes on but my time is short. As you can see by this demonstration here, by using Firdaria one can very quickly make a short biographical sketch of a person, even in a short time-span of an hour (as it took me to write this article).

Try it, investigate it, experiment with this amazing technique from the buried treasures of the ancient astrology.

Learn, Study, and have fun with your life!


Rhetorius on Astrologers and Diviners


Rhetorius, chapter 86. Astrologers or Diviners.

“If Mercury chances to be in a good house, and especially in a domicile of Saturn, not under the Sunbeams and aspected by Jupiter and Saturn and Mars, it makes astrologers, diviners, or priests.”

This is my own chart. I have Mercury in a domicile of Saturn, in angular sign, in conjunction with Jupiter and in aspect to Mars and Saturn (separates from the first and going toward the second, received by both). Well, I am an astrologer lol

Note also that Mercury is aspecting the MC (workings/actions) very closely (applying toward the MC). I am currently at Mercury Firdaria on first level. This is the time when I passionately study astrology. Jupiter is L9 [the house of astrologers] and is in conjunction with Mercury.

“And if Saturn chances to be in the ASC in a domicile of Mercury, or if Mercury is in the ASC, it makes infallible astrologers.”

I know of a very good astrologer (also traditionalist) who has Saturn and Mercury in Virgo on the Ascendant.

Lot of Mother in 12th Sign of Bad Spirit

I am looking at a charts of two brothers who are having problems with alcoholic mother who works against their best interests.
It is intriguing to see how both have the Lot of Mother in the 12th sign of Bad Spirit. But not only this, both have the Lord of 12th turned away (in aversion) to the 12th sign. I suppose (among the other factors involved) the 12th sign position is not enough, and the position of the Lord in adjacent sign is accentuating this poor position of the Lot in the 12th sign. I have seen other charts with Lot of Mother in 12th but with good Lord and in regard to the sign, and there were no problems with the mother, especially in charts where there are other strong indicators for good relationship with the mother. This is why it is important to count the factors and to see the chart as a whole.

“Astrology is something that has been an empirical science since before the dawn of time. The unfortunate thing about astrology is this, it is just like some people who have no musical ability, they take a few lessons and than they go out there and start teaching people how to play music. You know what kind of result you would have. In the same way, people who have no talent for astrology – you have to have talent for deep and profound metaphysics and occultism, the metaphysical part of the occultism as well as other elements – to become a true interpreter of the forces of consciousness and life which we call the forces of the universe, or zodiacal and planetary forces.” – Ann Davis (The True Meaning of Planetary Influences)

Beautiful Workability of The Firdaria (Example)

Hello dear friends, fellow astrologers and astrology lovers. I have been quiet for a while now, have been dedicated to my music career and made a pause from my obsessional, almost fanatical studies of astrology. This pause was very good for me in terms of having time to reflect upon astrology and my astrology studies in the past. It is sometimes beneficial to make such pauses, I use to make them in music and in astrology as well. These pauses very often give me some objective approach toward the subjects, they make me detached from the fanaticism which I involve in each subject toward which I have affinity for. I have had many ‘a-ha moments’, realizations of the type what is astrology, what is its purpose and what we can do with it. I will not speak about these realizations in this post now. I just want to give you some examples on the beautiful workability of the timing technique called Firdaria. Even though I have been quiet in my studies and writing on this blog, I never stopped to ‘check’ the charts of the people with which I came in contact for the past couple of months. I want to share with you this very interesting example of how the Cosmos works not only in our personal life, but in the connection of two universes, i.e. persons. In one of the examples Valens gives in his Anthology, he was amazed by this cosmical hierarchy of the events too; in the place where he speaks of the two brothers and how their charts unfolded in similar manner to happen what is fated, even though both were born in different places and time. I do not have that example right now, but those who have read Anthologies know to which example I am referring to.

OK let’s get to business.

I will present you here two charts of a husband and wife. This is the chart of the husband.


This is the chart of the wife.


You will notice (in the left bottom corner of the charts) that around 2008/2009 in both charts the Lord of the 9th house (spirituality) was taking over to rule the years in the Firdaria (by general rulership). In the first chart we have Sun as L9, positioned in angular 4th house and in exaltation. Around 2008 this man began to be interested in spirituality, went into different spiritual and self-development groups, took services of life changing programs, and soon after he himself became motivational speaker, and wrote several books (on the subject of self-development and positive outlook on life) that became popular in his country. The Sun is conducive to business. It is in very good sign (exaltation), in 4th by division and 5th by counting, it is in eastern quadrant and in 7th from Fortune. It also rules the 11th from Fortune which is the place of acquisitions. It is pretty much good Sun.

In the same time, his wife was about to enter the rulership of Saturn as a general Lord of the Firdaria sequence. Saturn is both L9 and L10 in her chart. She too – like her husband – began to be involved in different self-development groups and life-changing programs. Their life took on a very positive change. Their family became more in harmony and peace. If you compare the both charts, you will notice that the 9th house of the husband (Leo) falls in her 4th house, which can be interpreted as ‘the spirituality of her husband made for a peaceful, balanced home and family environment”. She herself became interested in meditation, Buddhism and different New Age spiritual practices.Traditionally this can be interpreted through the 3rd house and Moon as L3 and Lord of Fortune in 1st house (remember, in 2008 she was still in Moon’s general lordship of Firdaria). Indian astrologers would interpret this through Saturn as L9 in 12th (the ascetic practices). Either way, the Firdaria sequence that is in harmony in the two charts is quite astonishing. At the moment she is interested in making the spirituality her profession (by giving spiritual services). This is interesting because Saturn is both L9 and L10 (spirituality and career) and by dodecatemoria falls right on MC. It is noteworthy that Saturn is in conjunction with L1 Venus: she will find her primary motivation (fulfillment, happiness) through spirituality as career. Now, I really don’t want to enter into interpretation of how smoothly or not smoothly this would go (because of the involvement of the 12th cadent house).

Now, another interesting thing is that at the time she and her husband began to investigate spirituality, his L9 began to rule the times through Firdaria, but she was still one year away from Saturn beginning her sequence. She was in Moon/Mercury sequence (at the end of Moon’s general lordship). If you look at the top of the picture, you will find the calculation algorithm of Part of Faith & Religion. It is calculated by these two planets: Moon and Mercury. It falls in Pisces in conjunction with Mercury and Mercury – after all – naturally rules the faith.

I am sure there can be find many more connections. But let these be enough for the curious mind and the astrology wonderer to bow to this cosmical science.

Take good care and enjoy life!

Some General Notes on Charles Bukowski’s Chart

born like this
into this
as the chalk faces smile
as Mrs. Death laughs
as the elevators break
as political landscapes dissolve
as the supermarket bag boy holds a college degree
as the oily fish spit out their oily prey
as the sun is masked
we are
born like this
into this
[Bukowski: Born Into This]

It is always a pleasure to speak, write or communicate in any sort of exchange of words about this old charismatic man and great literary genius. Those who know about Bukowski, who have read his poems, watched his videos, or listened to his poems, novels, or talks, know that Bukowski was kind of underground poet who depicted the core of the modern society with a hard realistic tone, oftentimes without choosing the words he would use to depict certain states in the individuals or the society as a whole.


His chart is rated as AA on astro databank. I do not aim to give detailed delineation on his chart here because of a two facts. First, I am still getting familiarized my self with his life, work, and thus, with his chart. Second, as many of you know, my blog here is a place where I often times write incidentally, and almost always excitingly, that is, whenever I find my self amused by yet another truth in this ancient art. It is in my nature to share my excitements with other people, this is the main reason why I write on this blog.

Bukowski’s chart has Taurus rising and Venus in 5th house both by division and counting. Perfect! The planet of the artisans, in its natural joy (5th house) where all its creativity can be expressed freely, naturally. Perfect for an artisan, perfect for a poet. But is it all that perfect?
Venus is in her descension, applying toward kind of nasty contrary to the sect in favor and peregrine Saturn [without reception]. Actually, Venus pushes her own power [triplicity, term, decan], but still, this is Venus in her own descension.

The problem is that Venus and Saturn are kind of enemies, they do not like each other:

But the friends of Saturn are Jupiter, the Sun and Moon; and his enemies [are] Mars and Venus, and she hates him more. [al-Qabīsī, Introductions to Traditional Astrology, translated and edited by Benjamin N. Dykes, PhD, p.205]

Venus hates Saturn because Venus wants pleasures and Saturn denies them. Venus hates discipline [as Bukowski did] and Saturn wants to control.  They hate each other, and Bukowski was ‘born into this’, born into the struggle between living the pleasures, dedicating to the creative side of life, hating the procedures from one side; and from the other side, the fact that he must live in a society made and governed by laws, with people with fake habits and unreal, those who wear masks to conform to the society [Saturn]. It is a conflict that it is often visible in his writings and behavior. It is worthy of note that Bukowski didn’t have sexual experience till he was 24 year old. Saturn in 5th denies pleasures, especially when he is such a dark one in a night chart and peregrine, occidental. Even when he did have his first sexual experience, it was not a beautiful experience according to his words, it was with an older ‘and ugly’ woman [Saturn].

If benefics hold the Ascendant or the Lot of Fortune [and are to be found in 5th Place], the native will be great, will lead the masses, and  will make laws for them. [Valens p.29]

Bukowski didn’t lead the masses like Napoleon or Hitler, but he really had many followers and admirers, and he ‘did make laws for them’ because many looked at his way of life [non interested, against the laws or ‘must do’, ‘must follow’ behavior] as avant-garde and kind of life that a modern person should live [I don’t speak about his drinking problems, but about his attitude toward the social norms]. I would say he preached braking the laws. In a matter of fact, he didn’t preach anything, as he often times said, but the audience was taking him as someone who is an icon of some kind of ideal freedom from the laws of the society, the mask of false behavior and conformity.

Valens continues:

Venus will be especially gracious if it rules the Ascendant or the Lot. Especially if Venus is in its proper face or in its own place, it makes men wealthy and honored. The same is true for all the stars: if they govern the Ascendant or the Lot, they produce the good that is appropriate to their nature and to Good Fortune [i.e. 5th Place]. [ibid.]

It is important to note the above ‘appropriate to their nature’. The nature of Venus is not war, it is pleasure and art. This is how this kind of men will ‘lead the masses’. If this planet was Mars we could announce a Napoleon kind of leadership, or if Mercury, someone who is great orator and speak to the masses directly with good oratory skills. Bukowski was not that kind of fellow. He just lived his life, wrote his poetry, drunk his beer and was telling his life stories. He was a Venusian type of ‘leader of the masses’. I think that with the power of the media in our modern society, this ‘leader of the masses’ can really take many figurative shapes. Things are getting complicated nowadays, the roles in the society are not so clear as they were in earlier times. This is why I do think that in a figurative way ‘leader of the masses’ can be ascribed to a person like Bukowski, even though I am aware of the fact that someone would take those words of Valens literally and would disagree with me on this.

Al-Andarzaghar tells us that the second triplicity of the 5th house rules the pleasures. This is how the role of Venus is particularly stressed here, because she is the second lord of the triplicity of Virgo. His Venus is all into the pleasures [drinking, sex, gambling, etc]. The fact that she is in her descension, tells us something about his hard times handling them well [the pleasures], that is, bringing them into excess. This is how strong Venus [in sect, occidental relative to the Sun, succedent] would act when weak essentially.

Let’s now check the ruler of the Fortune [note that Valens takes the Ascendant and Fortune as an equals to assign the general considerations of native’s life in means of livelihood and profession].

Mars rules the Lot of Fortune. Valens:

If malefics are in this Place [7th] and rule the Lot [of Fortune] or the Ascendant and are in their proper faces, the native’s life will be subject to ups and downs, especially in old age, but he will not be in poverty. He will spend the income derived from calumny and wickedness/vituperation[p.29] {Schmidt has kind of more concrete translation of the last clause then Riley: “for he will squander what he obtains with calumnies and evil words.”}

Now, Mars is indeed in its proper face. One of the definitions of proper face [if this is what Valens is referring to] is that a planet needs to be as many signs distant from the Sun [or Moon] as its sign is from Sun’s sign Leo. We have here Sun in Leo and Mars in Scorpio, which fulfills the requirement of the definition. Mars is also of the sect in favor. So in his old age [7th house signifies old age] he will be a subject of ups and downs [he was] but will not live in poverty [he didn’t].

“For he will squander what he obtains with calumnies and evil words,” kind of described an old drunk poet who talks dirty words on TV, doesn’t it? 🙂

It is amazing how on the spot these descriptions of Ascendant and Fortune rulers Valens gives really are. I am almost always consulting them whenever I look at a chart for the first time. Look both, the Ascendant Lord and the Fortune Lord. There are certain instances in the writings of the Hellenistic astrologers that say that the Fortune chart [chart cast from the Lot of Fortune as Ascendant point] unfolds later in life, like it is a sequenced to the ascendant chart.

P.S. It is worthy of note that Moon as Lord of the Hour is also in the 5th house by counting, thus reinforcing the role of the 5th in his life.

The Chart of L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard – the founder of the very controversial Church of Scientology. The chart is of A rating, but there are certain significations in this chart that point to his role in life.

First, Moon as Lady of the Lot of Fortune is on the cusp of the 9th. Here it is what Valens has to say for this:

“If benefics happen to be in this Place [9th] and have been assigned the Ascendant or Fortune, the native will be blessed, reverent, a prophet of the great god; in fact he will be obeyed like a god” [p.28]

“In fact, he will be obeyed like a god”. If you know some scientologist (I knew several in my life) you will notice that they revere Hubbard as some heavenly creature who came in this world to save the people from suffering. Their reverence is very similar to that of the prophets of the other religions.

Fortune is in 8th and Moon rules the 8th. He for sure knew how to take other people’s money for religious purposes.

In May 1950 he wrote his revolutionary work (for the scientologists) “Dianetics: The Science of Modern Mental Health”. It is really interesting because in March 1950 Sun – the Lord of 9th house by counting – took the lordship over the Firdar on first level. Sun is with Mercury – the ruler of 9th by division.
Sun and Mercury are in the 3rd by division [has to do with writing, publishing and religion, on account of being opposite to the 9th].

Example on Travel and Living Abroad 2

After I wrote the example on travel and living abroad last night, this morning I decided to check the chart of yet another person I know who traveled and lived abroad for many years. You will notice that there are certain repetition of the factors but also there are some new factors involved. Every chart is different, the point is to collect as many testimonies as you can get to announce prediction. This is what I do when I do predictions for my clients: I collect as many testimonies as I can get toward single subject, and then if it looks likely, I pronounce that the native will do this or that or will experience such and such thing in the time to come. Imagine that there are 20 different factors for travel and living abroad existing out there. You will not find all 20 involved in one chart, nor will they repeat in all other charts. If 10 factors are involved in one chart, in other chart you may find that the other 10 are involved. There are certain repetitions that in almost every chart give pointers toward same indication. I will try to show that here in this post and will note down where the repetitions appear.


This is a chart of a person who in his early 20’s went to live abroad and took new career there. As always, we will now first analyze the birth chart to see the promised.

First indication I found is Mars [natural ruler of travel] in 10th and ruling the 12th, which may indicate work related to living abroad.

Second indication is Lot of Fortune in 9th house by counting. Abū Ali:

“If it [Lot of Fortune] were in the 9th, it is auspicious to undertake long journeys, to do business in foreign lands…” [Persian Nativities I, On the Judgments of Nativities, p.328, trans. by Benjamin N. Dykes]

Lot of Living Abroad falls in 18° 04′ 24″ Taurus. It’s lord Venus is applying square toward it from the 3rd house by counting and 2nd by division, in the same time in partile opposition to the Lot of Fortune in 9th sign and being dispositor of Mars in 10th and MC [it is interesting to note the play, Venus separates from LOF in 9th by counting, applies toward Lot of Living Abroad, and then moving on to trine Mars in 10th]. This is important because when we seek for the professional significator, we look among other things [in night charts] which planet most closely aspects the LOF. The man is musician. So it is obvious that this man may take his career abroad [after examining all these factors].


“Therefore the Moon [applying to or] regarded by Mars [by a tetragon or opposition], [or in a domicile of Mars,] on the third day of the nativity, especially [with Mars] in a pivot, establishes travel.” [Persian Nativities I, The Book of Aristotle, p.159, translated by Benjamin N. Dykes]

Let us again check the third day of the Moon [3rd day of the Moon is a chart cast for the 3rd day after the birth with exact hour of birth. For example, if someone is born on 7th of March in 06:30AM. The chart cast for the 3rd day would be that of 9th of March, 06:30 AM].


In this chart for the 3rd day of the Moon we see Moon applying trine to Mars from the 7th angle of travel. It is not clear by what Māshā’allāh says in the quote above whether the application too needs to be through square and opposition or the regarding only. However, it is noteworthy that Moon from the angle related to travel applies toward Mars as L12.  It is yet interesting to note that Moon separates from Venus and applies to Mars and there is what would modern astrologers call ‘Grand Trine’ between these 3 planets. Grand Trine doesn’t has any mystical or mysterious interpretation in traditional astrology, it only shows that Moon translates Venus’ light to Mars and all these 3 planets have testimony for travel and living abroad in this chart (Venus through lordship of Lot of Living Abroad) for professional reasons.

If we seek for connection between these planets that has testimonies for travel and living abroad, and the Lord of the Ascendant, we will find it in the square [application] between Mars and Jupiter.


The Firdar sequence is Jupiter/Sun. We see that Sun is L9 in 3rd by counting and Jupiter is L1.
We have repetition as in the previous example, where the native traveled for living abroad when Mars as L9 distributed the firdar of Moon. So whenever the Lord of the 9th takes to distribute someone else’s firdar [always notice these sub-lords because they rule smaller units of time] there may be travel.


The annual profections of the ascendant came in the 12th sign Scorpio in the year when he traveled abroad. Mars becomes Lord of the Year. Now Mars is in aversion toward this sign and some would say that he is not able to be LOY, but I think that even this aversion may be one of the indications for travel and going abroad. In the SR as we will see later, we have the Moon in this sign [again indication of travel, and repetition of the factors Moon/Mars]. The mere thing that the profections came to the 12th sign is yet another indication of going abroad.

Solar Return


Leo, the sign of the natal 9th house rises in the east [hitting exactly natal Lot of Fortune]. This is almost a sure indicator when looking at someone’s chart [not in hindsight] that the native may travel in this year. We see the 12th sign accentuated by annual profections falling in the 4th of the Return chart with Moon in it [opposing natal Lot of Living Abroad and] ruling SR 12th. Whenever you find such connections between 4th and 12th [as in the previous chart where L4 was in 12th] you may announce that the native will leave his homeland. Notice that while 12th sign is the sign of the annual profections, LOY Mars is ruling the IC/4th.

Furthermore, we see that the Sun Lord of SR Asc and distributor of the Firdar of Jupiter, just ingressed the 7th sign of the SR [again travel]. Even in the SR chart, Sun has testimony of rulership of the exaltation of the 9th.

The Lord of this SR 9th – Mars – is transiting natal ascendant translating the light of natal Mars in 10th (ruling the 12th) toward Saturn in 3rd house and 4th by counting [ruling the 3rd and disposing Sun, Mercury and Venus].

Natal MC falls in Solar 3rd and natal Lot of Living Abroad in Solar 10th is yet another indication for career related to travel.

As a final remarks I want to point out to further aphorisms related to travel in this chart:

“The traversal of Saturn in a peregrine sign under a nocturnal birth in the pivot of the earth [the sign of Pisces is the pivot of the earth in his chart] or in the seventh, while the fortunate ones do not regard him, orders travel…which if the regard of the benevolents is not absent, it brings him back to his own houses and family [which did after many years spent abroad].” [ibid. p.161]

“In fact the Lord of Mars’ domicile placed in a peregrine sign, [placed well under the regard of benevolents, free of scorching, and the sign which he is holding onto being of a human form, they wholly accomplish travel, [and] on top of that they even bless with honor and gather together many resources; in fact he will rejoice in the common-company of kings and glory and fame.” [ibid. p.159-160] {Mars is natural significator of travel, he is in human sign Libra and Venus is peregrine in human sign Aquarius. The native really achieved success when he was abroad}.

They carefully examine the matter of travel abroad from the lights
in relation to the position of the pivots, of both of them but
especially of the Moon. For when they have set or have declined
from the pivots, it causes travel abroad…And if the Lot
of Fortune should fall out in the zōidia that cause being away from
home, it makes the entire lives and the dwellings of the natives to
be in foreign lands. [Hephaistio II.24, translated by Robert Schmidt]

Again, consider the trigon lords of the light of the sect; if they
should be in proper places, they do not cause travel abroad; but in
places alien to them, they do. [Ibid.] {Moon is sect light and trigon lords are Moon itself, Venus and Mars. Moon is in exaltation but in 6th, Venus is peregrine, and Mars in detriment}

Example on Travel and Living Abroad [demonstrated]

Fellow reader of this blog asked me in a private e-mail to give figural demonstration of the example of travel and living abroad using Firdaria, example of which I spoke the other day here on my blog, but without giving the actual chart and demonstration.


Here is the natal chart of the native. First we will analyze it to see if living abroad is promised in this chart. The Lot of Living Abroad for night births is Asc + Ruler of 9th House – Cusp of 9th House [reversed by day]. The Lot of Living Abroad in this chart falls in 0° 32′ 50″ Sagittarius.  It falls in 4th house by division and 5th house by counting [whole signs]. Its Lord Jupiter falls in 6th division and 7th house by counting. The 7th Place is Place connected to travel and living abroad. Sun the Lord of the Ascendant applies trine to this Jupiter which is one indication that the native may be involved in travel and living abroad. Another indication promised in the natal chart is that Mars as Lord of the 9th house is in the 12th place of living abroad [as all cadent places indicate this]. In ancient times the 12th was connected to exile and even though exile may happen in modern times too, I think that we can make this signification a bit broader in scope. It may mean travel not for the purpose of enjoyment, or travel because one is forced to travel. In this example, the father of the native whose chart we are looking at, took job in another country and was kind of ‘forced’ to live abroad. If one examines closely, one would notice that Mars also rules the 4th house of the father, so kind of connects the travel and living abroad for the native with the significations of the father.

So, these indications gives us clues that the native may live abroad at certain point in life. For when the native may live abroad, we would look at the time-lordship of the planets involved in this natal promise, that is, Sun, Jupiter, Mars, 4th, 5th house, 7th, 9th and 12th. The year where more of these factors are triggered, will most likely show travel or living abroad. [Sun as Lord of Ascendant on the cusp of the 3rd house is also indicative for travel].

Bear in mind also that Mars is natural significator of travel and was often times taken into consideration of the almuten for the 9th house matters related to travel. So even if Mars was not Lord of the 9th (which here incidentally is) we would have taken its significations into account.

Another indications for the promised in the natal chart in regard to travel:

“Look at the Moon on the third day of the nativity: which if she were commingled to Mars or in his domicile or bound, with him aspecting her, it signifies foreign travels and many journeys.” [Abū Ali – On the Judgments of Nativities, PN I, p.288, Dykes’ translation]

This is the chart for the 3rd day of the Moon as calculated with Delphic Oracle astrological software:


As we can see Moon is in the same sign with Mars and that happens to be 12th natal sign, as we already said, connected to going abroad. In this chart Moon applies toward Sun which is in the 3rd house [has to do with travel], Lord of the Ascendant and Lord of 9th by exaltation, opposing the 9th.

Yet another signification in the natal chart that the native will live abroad. Remember, we must thoroughly understand what is promised in the birth chart as static, before going to delineate what will be in the dynamic context of our chart [our lives] as indicated by the time techniques. I am really surprised seeing people going straight ahead to delineate the Solar Returns, the Firdaria and other techniques indicating certain time period in our life, without even looking thoroughly at the natal chart. This is – I would say – brutally wrong and a sign of bad astrology.

“If the Lord of the Ascendant were in its own descension, it signifies the native’s livelihood [will be] in foreign regions.” [ibid.]

Remember, ALL THESE things contributed to the judgement for the promised regarded the foreign travel and living. Please do not ask me or tell me ‘but I have Lord of the Ascendant in descension and I have never lived abroad in my life’. We must understand once and for all that the astrological judgement is constituted by many factors pointing on to a certain direction, not by merely one factor taken in isolation. As you can see in my elaborations here [not only in this post], I do take many factors that lead me toward a final conclusion, not merely one.

Let us now proceed toward the timing examinations.

The native is now living his 3rd birthday, but this is his 4th year of life. So the profections of the ascendant came to the 4th natal sign [move the ascendant through signs not house divisions]. The lord of this sign is Mars so Mars will be Lord of the Year. Mars will dispose the esse or the beingness of the native in this year. Where is Mars in the natal chart? In 12th house. What Mars promises by its position and rulership in the natal chart? It signifies travels because of its rulership of the 9th and also living abroad, something that is accentuated through it being positioned in cadent 12th house and receiving joining [with the Moon]  on the 3rd day of the Moon.

Which planets rule the Firdaria? Moon and Mars. Mars took over this august and disposes the Firdar of the Moon. Both planets are important for travel and living abroad [the one in the 12th the other ruling the 12th]. Moon in natal applies toward the exalted Lord of 9th – Sun, who happens to be in the 3rd and being Lord of Ascendant itself. So Mars is being accentuated very much in this year.

As the old masters of this art advises us, the next step we need to do [after examining the natal promise thoroughly, after examining which planets have time-lordship over the year] we need to see the general state of these planets in the Solar Return. This is the Solar Return for the year when the native happened to travel for living abroad.


Mars will be of greatest concern here because it is LOY and disposer of the Firdar of the Moon [the aversion between Moon and Mars is also indicative of going abroad]. We find Mars in the 7th [has to do with travel and going abroad] conjuncting almost partirely natal Lot of Living Abroad at 0° 32′ 50″, thus clearly indicating that travel and living abroad are very much likely in this year. The sign of the profection [Scorpio] falls in this 7th house too.

If we examine this Solar Return chart more closely, and take it as a separate chart, we can see how Mercury translates Saturn’s light [L9] to Venus [L1] in 4th, that clearly shows travel connected to his parents. Saturn just made an ingress into Scorpio – natal sign of the 4th house/IC. The Firdar Lord Moon, in 20Cancer falls in cadent 3rd house in the Solar, applying toward natal Mars in cadent 12th. This is yet another indication that in this year there will be travel. The thing that Moon falls in the 4th quadrant of the year [AC – MC is first quadrant, MC – DC 2nd, DC – IC 3rd, IC- AC 4th], gives timing indications that the travel will happen in the last 3 months of the year [according to Abū Ma’shar], as it was actually the case.

I am sure there can be found many more indications. But since I am writing this almost in one breath, let these be enough for the visible demonstration that was required from me today. 🙂

Tip for horary

Those of you who ask [horary] questions these days, and if you happen to be ‘lucky’ to have Venus/Mars involved in the question as the significators, would witness interesting configuration where Venus seeks application toward Mars by square with reception, but Mars escapes and Jupiter cuts Venus’ light seemingly destroying the matter. But if Jupiter is in some powerful angle, and receiving Venus’ disposition in its exaltation and angle, being through beneficent trine, may bring the matter to realization. Interesting heavenly playground nevertheless. 🙂

I may provide an example these days.