Rhetorius, chapter 86. Astrologers or Diviners.

“If Mercury chances to be in a good house, and especially in a domicile of Saturn, not under the Sunbeams and aspected by Jupiter and Saturn and Mars, it makes astrologers, diviners, or priests.”

This is my own chart. I have Mercury in a domicile of Saturn, in angular sign, in conjunction with Jupiter and in aspect to Mars and Saturn (separates from the first and going toward the second, received by both). Well, I am an astrologer lol

Note also that Mercury is aspecting the MC (workings/actions) very closely (applying toward the MC). I am currently at Mercury Firdaria on first level. This is the time when I passionately study astrology. Jupiter is L9 [the house of astrologers] and is in conjunction with Mercury.

“And if Saturn chances to be in the ASC in a domicile of Mercury, or if Mercury is in the ASC, it makes infallible astrologers.”

I know of a very good astrologer (also traditionalist) who has Saturn and Mercury in Virgo on the Ascendant.

5 thoughts on “Rhetorius on Astrologers and Diviners

  1. Very interesting.I got Mercury at 3 Aquarius conjunct Saturn at 0 Aquarius.The Mc is at 10 Aquarius with Jupiter at 12.Mercury rules the Gemini ASC. I wish I could live off astrology but dont know if its possible.Like you im a musician and have a band,after having worked as an english teacher for 5 years.Sadly I dont feel too comfortable as a teacher.I cant have bosses.I bagan Jupiter Firdaria on my birthdate 9 january 2013
    Do you manage to live off astrology?

  2. by the way,im not sure Saturn and Mecury are under Suns beams.Sun is at 18.51 Capricorn.
    But on his site Andre Barbault shows on his site combustion isnt bad.Sun Jupiter conjunctions tend to coincide with peace treaties,armistices etc.Sun Mars with new conflicts

    separating aspects are also stronger.Just like the hig and low tide is 1/2 days after the Moon phase,and it is hotter at 1/2 pm than at noon,the effects are stronger after the close aspect. The Greeks probably thought a separating planet was getting rid of the other

  3. your english is so impeccable paulo I never remember that i’s perhaps not y our first language I have mercury in H9, conjoined uranus in a far orb & opposite mars at the nadir. mars & mercury are square moon in .aquarius. I’m not a very good astrologer, but I do know the basics

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