I am looking at a charts of two brothers who are having problems with alcoholic mother who works against their best interests.
It is intriguing to see how both have the Lot of Mother in the 12th sign of Bad Spirit. But not only this, both have the Lord of 12th turned away (in aversion) to the 12th sign. I suppose (among the other factors involved) the 12th sign position is not enough, and the position of the Lord in adjacent sign is accentuating this poor position of the Lot in the 12th sign. I have seen other charts with Lot of Mother in 12th but with good Lord and in regard to the sign, and there were no problems with the mother, especially in charts where there are other strong indicators for good relationship with the mother. This is why it is important to count the factors and to see the chart as a whole.

One thought on “Lot of Mother in 12th Sign of Bad Spirit

  1. Excellent point, would love to see the chart too. Or an anonymous one. When you say for example, “turned away in aversion” do you mean an opposition (ruler to the lot?)

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