Some General Notes on Charles Bukowski’s Chart

born like this
into this
as the chalk faces smile
as Mrs. Death laughs
as the elevators break
as political landscapes dissolve
as the supermarket bag boy holds a college degree
as the oily fish spit out their oily prey
as the sun is masked
we are
born like this
into this
[Bukowski: Born Into This]

It is always a pleasure to speak, write or communicate in any sort of exchange of words about this old charismatic man and great literary genius. Those who know about Bukowski, who have read his poems, watched his videos, or listened to his poems, novels, or talks, know that Bukowski was kind of underground poet who depicted the core of the modern society with a hard realistic tone, oftentimes without choosing the words he would use to depict certain states in the individuals or the society as a whole.


His chart is rated as AA on astro databank. I do not aim to give detailed delineation on his chart here because of a two facts. First, I am still getting familiarized my self with his life, work, and thus, with his chart. Second, as many of you know, my blog here is a place where I often times write incidentally, and almost always excitingly, that is, whenever I find my self amused by yet another truth in this ancient art. It is in my nature to share my excitements with other people, this is the main reason why I write on this blog.

Bukowski’s chart has Taurus rising and Venus in 5th house both by division and counting. Perfect! The planet of the artisans, in its natural joy (5th house) where all its creativity can be expressed freely, naturally. Perfect for an artisan, perfect for a poet. But is it all that perfect?
Venus is in her descension, applying toward kind of nasty contrary to the sect in favor and peregrine Saturn [without reception]. Actually, Venus pushes her own power [triplicity, term, decan], but still, this is Venus in her own descension.

The problem is that Venus and Saturn are kind of enemies, they do not like each other:

But the friends of Saturn are Jupiter, the Sun and Moon; and his enemies [are] Mars and Venus, and she hates him more. [al-Qabīsī, Introductions to Traditional Astrology, translated and edited by Benjamin N. Dykes, PhD, p.205]

Venus hates Saturn because Venus wants pleasures and Saturn denies them. Venus hates discipline [as Bukowski did] and Saturn wants to control.  They hate each other, and Bukowski was ‘born into this’, born into the struggle between living the pleasures, dedicating to the creative side of life, hating the procedures from one side; and from the other side, the fact that he must live in a society made and governed by laws, with people with fake habits and unreal, those who wear masks to conform to the society [Saturn]. It is a conflict that it is often visible in his writings and behavior. It is worthy of note that Bukowski didn’t have sexual experience till he was 24 year old. Saturn in 5th denies pleasures, especially when he is such a dark one in a night chart and peregrine, occidental. Even when he did have his first sexual experience, it was not a beautiful experience according to his words, it was with an older ‘and ugly’ woman [Saturn].

If benefics hold the Ascendant or the Lot of Fortune [and are to be found in 5th Place], the native will be great, will lead the masses, and  will make laws for them. [Valens p.29]

Bukowski didn’t lead the masses like Napoleon or Hitler, but he really had many followers and admirers, and he ‘did make laws for them’ because many looked at his way of life [non interested, against the laws or ‘must do’, ‘must follow’ behavior] as avant-garde and kind of life that a modern person should live [I don’t speak about his drinking problems, but about his attitude toward the social norms]. I would say he preached braking the laws. In a matter of fact, he didn’t preach anything, as he often times said, but the audience was taking him as someone who is an icon of some kind of ideal freedom from the laws of the society, the mask of false behavior and conformity.

Valens continues:

Venus will be especially gracious if it rules the Ascendant or the Lot. Especially if Venus is in its proper face or in its own place, it makes men wealthy and honored. The same is true for all the stars: if they govern the Ascendant or the Lot, they produce the good that is appropriate to their nature and to Good Fortune [i.e. 5th Place]. [ibid.]

It is important to note the above ‘appropriate to their nature’. The nature of Venus is not war, it is pleasure and art. This is how this kind of men will ‘lead the masses’. If this planet was Mars we could announce a Napoleon kind of leadership, or if Mercury, someone who is great orator and speak to the masses directly with good oratory skills. Bukowski was not that kind of fellow. He just lived his life, wrote his poetry, drunk his beer and was telling his life stories. He was a Venusian type of ‘leader of the masses’. I think that with the power of the media in our modern society, this ‘leader of the masses’ can really take many figurative shapes. Things are getting complicated nowadays, the roles in the society are not so clear as they were in earlier times. This is why I do think that in a figurative way ‘leader of the masses’ can be ascribed to a person like Bukowski, even though I am aware of the fact that someone would take those words of Valens literally and would disagree with me on this.

Al-Andarzaghar tells us that the second triplicity of the 5th house rules the pleasures. This is how the role of Venus is particularly stressed here, because she is the second lord of the triplicity of Virgo. His Venus is all into the pleasures [drinking, sex, gambling, etc]. The fact that she is in her descension, tells us something about his hard times handling them well [the pleasures], that is, bringing them into excess. This is how strong Venus [in sect, occidental relative to the Sun, succedent] would act when weak essentially.

Let’s now check the ruler of the Fortune [note that Valens takes the Ascendant and Fortune as an equals to assign the general considerations of native’s life in means of livelihood and profession].

Mars rules the Lot of Fortune. Valens:

If malefics are in this Place [7th] and rule the Lot [of Fortune] or the Ascendant and are in their proper faces, the native’s life will be subject to ups and downs, especially in old age, but he will not be in poverty. He will spend the income derived from calumny and wickedness/vituperation[p.29] {Schmidt has kind of more concrete translation of the last clause then Riley: “for he will squander what he obtains with calumnies and evil words.”}

Now, Mars is indeed in its proper face. One of the definitions of proper face [if this is what Valens is referring to] is that a planet needs to be as many signs distant from the Sun [or Moon] as its sign is from Sun’s sign Leo. We have here Sun in Leo and Mars in Scorpio, which fulfills the requirement of the definition. Mars is also of the sect in favor. So in his old age [7th house signifies old age] he will be a subject of ups and downs [he was] but will not live in poverty [he didn’t].

“For he will squander what he obtains with calumnies and evil words,” kind of described an old drunk poet who talks dirty words on TV, doesn’t it? 🙂

It is amazing how on the spot these descriptions of Ascendant and Fortune rulers Valens gives really are. I am almost always consulting them whenever I look at a chart for the first time. Look both, the Ascendant Lord and the Fortune Lord. There are certain instances in the writings of the Hellenistic astrologers that say that the Fortune chart [chart cast from the Lot of Fortune as Ascendant point] unfolds later in life, like it is a sequenced to the ascendant chart.

P.S. It is worthy of note that Moon as Lord of the Hour is also in the 5th house by counting, thus reinforcing the role of the 5th in his life.


The Chart of L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard – the founder of the very controversial Church of Scientology. The chart is of A rating, but there are certain significations in this chart that point to his role in life.

First, Moon as Lady of the Lot of Fortune is on the cusp of the 9th. Here it is what Valens has to say for this:

“If benefics happen to be in this Place [9th] and have been assigned the Ascendant or Fortune, the native will be blessed, reverent, a prophet of the great god; in fact he will be obeyed like a god” [p.28]

“In fact, he will be obeyed like a god”. If you know some scientologist (I knew several in my life) you will notice that they revere Hubbard as some heavenly creature who came in this world to save the people from suffering. Their reverence is very similar to that of the prophets of the other religions.

Fortune is in 8th and Moon rules the 8th. He for sure knew how to take other people’s money for religious purposes.

In May 1950 he wrote his revolutionary work (for the scientologists) “Dianetics: The Science of Modern Mental Health”. It is really interesting because in March 1950 Sun – the Lord of 9th house by counting – took the lordship over the Firdar on first level. Sun is with Mercury – the ruler of 9th by division.
Sun and Mercury are in the 3rd by division [has to do with writing, publishing and religion, on account of being opposite to the 9th].

Example on Travel and Living Abroad 2

After I wrote the example on travel and living abroad last night, this morning I decided to check the chart of yet another person I know who traveled and lived abroad for many years. You will notice that there are certain repetition of the factors but also there are some new factors involved. Every chart is different, the point is to collect as many testimonies as you can get to announce prediction. This is what I do when I do predictions for my clients: I collect as many testimonies as I can get toward single subject, and then if it looks likely, I pronounce that the native will do this or that or will experience such and such thing in the time to come. Imagine that there are 20 different factors for travel and living abroad existing out there. You will not find all 20 involved in one chart, nor will they repeat in all other charts. If 10 factors are involved in one chart, in other chart you may find that the other 10 are involved. There are certain repetitions that in almost every chart give pointers toward same indication. I will try to show that here in this post and will note down where the repetitions appear.


This is a chart of a person who in his early 20’s went to live abroad and took new career there. As always, we will now first analyze the birth chart to see the promised.

First indication I found is Mars [natural ruler of travel] in 10th and ruling the 12th, which may indicate work related to living abroad.

Second indication is Lot of Fortune in 9th house by counting. Abū Ali:

“If it [Lot of Fortune] were in the 9th, it is auspicious to undertake long journeys, to do business in foreign lands…” [Persian Nativities I, On the Judgments of Nativities, p.328, trans. by Benjamin N. Dykes]

Lot of Living Abroad falls in 18° 04′ 24″ Taurus. It’s lord Venus is applying square toward it from the 3rd house by counting and 2nd by division, in the same time in partile opposition to the Lot of Fortune in 9th sign and being dispositor of Mars in 10th and MC [it is interesting to note the play, Venus separates from LOF in 9th by counting, applies toward Lot of Living Abroad, and then moving on to trine Mars in 10th]. This is important because when we seek for the professional significator, we look among other things [in night charts] which planet most closely aspects the LOF. The man is musician. So it is obvious that this man may take his career abroad [after examining all these factors].


“Therefore the Moon [applying to or] regarded by Mars [by a tetragon or opposition], [or in a domicile of Mars,] on the third day of the nativity, especially [with Mars] in a pivot, establishes travel.” [Persian Nativities I, The Book of Aristotle, p.159, translated by Benjamin N. Dykes]

Let us again check the third day of the Moon [3rd day of the Moon is a chart cast for the 3rd day after the birth with exact hour of birth. For example, if someone is born on 7th of March in 06:30AM. The chart cast for the 3rd day would be that of 9th of March, 06:30 AM].


In this chart for the 3rd day of the Moon we see Moon applying trine to Mars from the 7th angle of travel. It is not clear by what Māshā’allāh says in the quote above whether the application too needs to be through square and opposition or the regarding only. However, it is noteworthy that Moon from the angle related to travel applies toward Mars as L12.  It is yet interesting to note that Moon separates from Venus and applies to Mars and there is what would modern astrologers call ‘Grand Trine’ between these 3 planets. Grand Trine doesn’t has any mystical or mysterious interpretation in traditional astrology, it only shows that Moon translates Venus’ light to Mars and all these 3 planets have testimony for travel and living abroad in this chart (Venus through lordship of Lot of Living Abroad) for professional reasons.

If we seek for connection between these planets that has testimonies for travel and living abroad, and the Lord of the Ascendant, we will find it in the square [application] between Mars and Jupiter.


The Firdar sequence is Jupiter/Sun. We see that Sun is L9 in 3rd by counting and Jupiter is L1.
We have repetition as in the previous example, where the native traveled for living abroad when Mars as L9 distributed the firdar of Moon. So whenever the Lord of the 9th takes to distribute someone else’s firdar [always notice these sub-lords because they rule smaller units of time] there may be travel.


The annual profections of the ascendant came in the 12th sign Scorpio in the year when he traveled abroad. Mars becomes Lord of the Year. Now Mars is in aversion toward this sign and some would say that he is not able to be LOY, but I think that even this aversion may be one of the indications for travel and going abroad. In the SR as we will see later, we have the Moon in this sign [again indication of travel, and repetition of the factors Moon/Mars]. The mere thing that the profections came to the 12th sign is yet another indication of going abroad.

Solar Return


Leo, the sign of the natal 9th house rises in the east [hitting exactly natal Lot of Fortune]. This is almost a sure indicator when looking at someone’s chart [not in hindsight] that the native may travel in this year. We see the 12th sign accentuated by annual profections falling in the 4th of the Return chart with Moon in it [opposing natal Lot of Living Abroad and] ruling SR 12th. Whenever you find such connections between 4th and 12th [as in the previous chart where L4 was in 12th] you may announce that the native will leave his homeland. Notice that while 12th sign is the sign of the annual profections, LOY Mars is ruling the IC/4th.

Furthermore, we see that the Sun Lord of SR Asc and distributor of the Firdar of Jupiter, just ingressed the 7th sign of the SR [again travel]. Even in the SR chart, Sun has testimony of rulership of the exaltation of the 9th.

The Lord of this SR 9th – Mars – is transiting natal ascendant translating the light of natal Mars in 10th (ruling the 12th) toward Saturn in 3rd house and 4th by counting [ruling the 3rd and disposing Sun, Mercury and Venus].

Natal MC falls in Solar 3rd and natal Lot of Living Abroad in Solar 10th is yet another indication for career related to travel.

As a final remarks I want to point out to further aphorisms related to travel in this chart:

“The traversal of Saturn in a peregrine sign under a nocturnal birth in the pivot of the earth [the sign of Pisces is the pivot of the earth in his chart] or in the seventh, while the fortunate ones do not regard him, orders travel…which if the regard of the benevolents is not absent, it brings him back to his own houses and family [which did after many years spent abroad].” [ibid. p.161]

“In fact the Lord of Mars’ domicile placed in a peregrine sign, [placed well under the regard of benevolents, free of scorching, and the sign which he is holding onto being of a human form, they wholly accomplish travel, [and] on top of that they even bless with honor and gather together many resources; in fact he will rejoice in the common-company of kings and glory and fame.” [ibid. p.159-160] {Mars is natural significator of travel, he is in human sign Libra and Venus is peregrine in human sign Aquarius. The native really achieved success when he was abroad}.

They carefully examine the matter of travel abroad from the lights
in relation to the position of the pivots, of both of them but
especially of the Moon. For when they have set or have declined
from the pivots, it causes travel abroad…And if the Lot
of Fortune should fall out in the zōidia that cause being away from
home, it makes the entire lives and the dwellings of the natives to
be in foreign lands. [Hephaistio II.24, translated by Robert Schmidt]

Again, consider the trigon lords of the light of the sect; if they
should be in proper places, they do not cause travel abroad; but in
places alien to them, they do. [Ibid.] {Moon is sect light and trigon lords are Moon itself, Venus and Mars. Moon is in exaltation but in 6th, Venus is peregrine, and Mars in detriment}

Example on Travel and Living Abroad [demonstrated]

Fellow reader of this blog asked me in a private e-mail to give figural demonstration of the example of travel and living abroad using Firdaria, example of which I spoke the other day here on my blog, but without giving the actual chart and demonstration.


Here is the natal chart of the native. First we will analyze it to see if living abroad is promised in this chart. The Lot of Living Abroad for night births is Asc + Ruler of 9th House – Cusp of 9th House [reversed by day]. The Lot of Living Abroad in this chart falls in 0° 32′ 50″ Sagittarius.  It falls in 4th house by division and 5th house by counting [whole signs]. Its Lord Jupiter falls in 6th division and 7th house by counting. The 7th Place is Place connected to travel and living abroad. Sun the Lord of the Ascendant applies trine to this Jupiter which is one indication that the native may be involved in travel and living abroad. Another indication promised in the natal chart is that Mars as Lord of the 9th house is in the 12th place of living abroad [as all cadent places indicate this]. In ancient times the 12th was connected to exile and even though exile may happen in modern times too, I think that we can make this signification a bit broader in scope. It may mean travel not for the purpose of enjoyment, or travel because one is forced to travel. In this example, the father of the native whose chart we are looking at, took job in another country and was kind of ‘forced’ to live abroad. If one examines closely, one would notice that Mars also rules the 4th house of the father, so kind of connects the travel and living abroad for the native with the significations of the father.

So, these indications gives us clues that the native may live abroad at certain point in life. For when the native may live abroad, we would look at the time-lordship of the planets involved in this natal promise, that is, Sun, Jupiter, Mars, 4th, 5th house, 7th, 9th and 12th. The year where more of these factors are triggered, will most likely show travel or living abroad. [Sun as Lord of Ascendant on the cusp of the 3rd house is also indicative for travel].

Bear in mind also that Mars is natural significator of travel and was often times taken into consideration of the almuten for the 9th house matters related to travel. So even if Mars was not Lord of the 9th (which here incidentally is) we would have taken its significations into account.

Another indications for the promised in the natal chart in regard to travel:

“Look at the Moon on the third day of the nativity: which if she were commingled to Mars or in his domicile or bound, with him aspecting her, it signifies foreign travels and many journeys.” [Abū Ali – On the Judgments of Nativities, PN I, p.288, Dykes’ translation]

This is the chart for the 3rd day of the Moon as calculated with Delphic Oracle astrological software:


As we can see Moon is in the same sign with Mars and that happens to be 12th natal sign, as we already said, connected to going abroad. In this chart Moon applies toward Sun which is in the 3rd house [has to do with travel], Lord of the Ascendant and Lord of 9th by exaltation, opposing the 9th.

Yet another signification in the natal chart that the native will live abroad. Remember, we must thoroughly understand what is promised in the birth chart as static, before going to delineate what will be in the dynamic context of our chart [our lives] as indicated by the time techniques. I am really surprised seeing people going straight ahead to delineate the Solar Returns, the Firdaria and other techniques indicating certain time period in our life, without even looking thoroughly at the natal chart. This is – I would say – brutally wrong and a sign of bad astrology.

“If the Lord of the Ascendant were in its own descension, it signifies the native’s livelihood [will be] in foreign regions.” [ibid.]

Remember, ALL THESE things contributed to the judgement for the promised regarded the foreign travel and living. Please do not ask me or tell me ‘but I have Lord of the Ascendant in descension and I have never lived abroad in my life’. We must understand once and for all that the astrological judgement is constituted by many factors pointing on to a certain direction, not by merely one factor taken in isolation. As you can see in my elaborations here [not only in this post], I do take many factors that lead me toward a final conclusion, not merely one.

Let us now proceed toward the timing examinations.

The native is now living his 3rd birthday, but this is his 4th year of life. So the profections of the ascendant came to the 4th natal sign [move the ascendant through signs not house divisions]. The lord of this sign is Mars so Mars will be Lord of the Year. Mars will dispose the esse or the beingness of the native in this year. Where is Mars in the natal chart? In 12th house. What Mars promises by its position and rulership in the natal chart? It signifies travels because of its rulership of the 9th and also living abroad, something that is accentuated through it being positioned in cadent 12th house and receiving joining [with the Moon]  on the 3rd day of the Moon.

Which planets rule the Firdaria? Moon and Mars. Mars took over this august and disposes the Firdar of the Moon. Both planets are important for travel and living abroad [the one in the 12th the other ruling the 12th]. Moon in natal applies toward the exalted Lord of 9th – Sun, who happens to be in the 3rd and being Lord of Ascendant itself. So Mars is being accentuated very much in this year.

As the old masters of this art advises us, the next step we need to do [after examining the natal promise thoroughly, after examining which planets have time-lordship over the year] we need to see the general state of these planets in the Solar Return. This is the Solar Return for the year when the native happened to travel for living abroad.


Mars will be of greatest concern here because it is LOY and disposer of the Firdar of the Moon [the aversion between Moon and Mars is also indicative of going abroad]. We find Mars in the 7th [has to do with travel and going abroad] conjuncting almost partirely natal Lot of Living Abroad at 0° 32′ 50″, thus clearly indicating that travel and living abroad are very much likely in this year. The sign of the profection [Scorpio] falls in this 7th house too.

If we examine this Solar Return chart more closely, and take it as a separate chart, we can see how Mercury translates Saturn’s light [L9] to Venus [L1] in 4th, that clearly shows travel connected to his parents. Saturn just made an ingress into Scorpio – natal sign of the 4th house/IC. The Firdar Lord Moon, in 20Cancer falls in cadent 3rd house in the Solar, applying toward natal Mars in cadent 12th. This is yet another indication that in this year there will be travel. The thing that Moon falls in the 4th quadrant of the year [AC – MC is first quadrant, MC – DC 2nd, DC – IC 3rd, IC- AC 4th], gives timing indications that the travel will happen in the last 3 months of the year [according to Abū Ma’shar], as it was actually the case.

I am sure there can be found many more indications. But since I am writing this almost in one breath, let these be enough for the visible demonstration that was required from me today. 🙂

Tip for horary

Those of you who ask [horary] questions these days, and if you happen to be ‘lucky’ to have Venus/Mars involved in the question as the significators, would witness interesting configuration where Venus seeks application toward Mars by square with reception, but Mars escapes and Jupiter cuts Venus’ light seemingly destroying the matter. But if Jupiter is in some powerful angle, and receiving Venus’ disposition in its exaltation and angle, being through beneficent trine, may bring the matter to realization. Interesting heavenly playground nevertheless. 🙂

I may provide an example these days.

Chaos, Order, Change and the Cycles

It is interesting to ponder on the concept of ‘change’. After listening to Bernadette Brady’s lecture on chaos theory and when one gets off its head from the deterministic concepts of the Stoics [though these are wrongly understood in general] one realizes that even inside the concept of fate, the pattern, or however you want to call it, change is possible and even this change is shown by the stars. I will give you an example.

As I mentioned many times this year, Lord of the Year in my nativity is Jupiter [I would say with Venus partnering because it is in the sign of the annual profections]. This means that Jupiter will dispose my beingness [esse] in this year, as well it will show outer circumstances and events happening around me, of which of course, I am a part. Now, Jupiter is after all, the greater benefic. Even though weakened in natal and in solar by accidental and essential circumstances of the charts, it is in the 11th house of the good spirit in the Solar Return. Now, through transit currently Jupiter transits my ascending sign Cancer, which is the place of its exaltation.

I do feel change growing on inside me: I start to think more positively about life, I was able to recognize many of my unconscious patterns that earlier governed my life in a compulsive way, and I feel urge to grow and work on bettering my life. Jupiter is really a liberator in this regard. It transits me (ascendant), my beingness, my psychology, my body, etc. I really have spent all these months working on my self with considerable amount of progress which is shown on the outer shell of me.

These are the times in which change is really possible. I know that last year, no matter how hard I worked on my self, Mars and Saturn were ruling the times, and I was surrounded by circumstances in which was very hard for me to practice self-development. I didn’t have so many insights as I have in this year, and my mind was not so sober as well. Planets seems to really dispose our essence, our beingness, especially those that in that particular time dispose the years of our lives. This can be really experienced only through constant thinking and realizations on the matter, this can’t be read and understood from the  books.

Now, another subject of pondering on my side is the subject of the cycles of which the earliest astrological authors spoke. When I now compare these two years (2012 and 2013) with the years 2000 and 2001, I notice the same patterns emerging, and guess what, this is shown by the profections going around through the 12 signs and getting back to the starting point (a cycle). Year 2000 was really bad year for me, but in 2001 I started a new cycle that brought me on a new path on self-discovery and this resulted with some new circumstances around me. You will notice that these 12 years cycles also correspond with Jupiter. In my case, they start when Jupiter comes to the ascendant.

We should really try to use these beginnings and grab the change that is emerging from the ‘chaos’, or from the ‘order’ [you choose].

Sun/Moon in 8th from 4th

Here is another interesting tip I noticed in my practice of observing different charts.

In a day chart the Sun [because it will rule the early years through Firdaria] and in a night chart the Moon [because it will rule the early years through Firdaria] positioned in 11th [8th from 4th] may bring a father who is absent from child’s life. It may be that his father and mother are separated and he lives with the mother, or it may be that the father travels a lot and the child feels him as absent from its life.

Example of Travel and Living Abroad

Those who say that Firdaria doesn’t work, believe me, didn’t make it to work for them. I am amazed by how people come to very rapid conclusions after checking 20 charts and even then without proper understanding of how the technique works. They easily become ‘disappointed’ by the techniques.

I can provide at least 20-30 descriptive examples of how this technique works magnificently.

For example, my nephew (3 years old) this September went with his parents to live in another country [living abroad] has Mars in 12th ruling the 9th. In august this year Mars took to distribute the firdar of Moon. Now, the first thing: natural rulership. BOTH Moon and Mars have to do with moving, change and travel. It is our first clue that there may be a travel. Then we go to the specific determinations by position and rulership of both Moon and Mars.
Moon rules his 12th [cadent places has to do with travel and living abroad] and Mars is in the 12th. Additionally, Mars rules the 9th [another cadent place that has to do with living abroad].

In the Solar Return I found Mars in 7th [again, place that has to do with living abroad] in very close conjunct with the Lot of Living Abroad [Asc + Lord of the 9th House – The Cusp of the 9th House, for night births, it is reversed for day births].

All these factors, brought many testimonies that yes, he will travel and live abroad in this year.

In the Mind of the Monster of Belgium

Marc Dutroux – Belgian serial killer, kidnapper and rapist who in 1995 committed several kidnappings, rapes and murders of young girls. You can watch a documentary about his full story here.

What in this man’s chart shows his sick mind?


I always start analyzing a chart with the ascendant and the Lord of the Ascendant, but the planets inside the ascendant play great role too. We find L8 Mercury on ascendant, of which one of the delineations could be that the native will often think about death. I have also found this to be true of people bearing some anxiety problems as the 8th is really an idle place, and its Lord would not always show a mere death. I tend to see it as a dark place and its Lord being on the ascendant, can contribute to the anxious state of the mind of the native.

Let’s look at the Lord of the ascendant.
We see Mars as L1 in 5th house of children. The man is a pedophile. Now Mars alone would not testify for such a deep psychological problems that lie behind this man with awful actions, but it is important to note that Mars naturally signifies violent actions and murderers. In addition to this, we find Mars in configuration with Moon, naturally representing the sensitive part of our soul. Moon is in terms of Mars and this is the description Valens gives for those 4 degrees in Saghittarius:

  “The next 4° belong to Mars: hot, rash, violent, shameless.”

Having Moon in these terms, in second house opposing the house of death, and in superior square to Mars, trigonally aspecting
the MC (actions) it shows that his actions could be violent, and probably due to some distortion in the sensitive part of the soul (psychologist would say deeply rooted problem from the childhood which leaved impression on his subconscious mind). The next quote is about Mars by day, but it is interesting to note what Valens has to say about Moon and Mars in square configuration:

“…if Mars should be square with the moon while on the left [further in the order of the zodiac signs] and in another’s degrees or signs, it will be the cause of many reversals and afflictions for the mother, as well as reduction in rank. Men will be subject to travel; some become soldiers, toilsome and violent.” p.31

We see that the configuration of Moon with Mars in square, while Moon being on the right [behind Mars in the order of the zodiac signs] pertains to violent actions. Valens put this in category of ‘day charts’ because Mars in such case is less tempered and more excessive, but with lesser intensity we can expect similar meanings in night charts too. Actually, it is not clear from the context whether Valens speaks of Moon being on the left or Mars. Both translations (Riley, Schmidt) have ambiguous translation and I do not have the Greek in front of me now to check. Nevertheless, let us take into account the mere square configuration as indicative for the said.

Actually, whether the chart is a day or a night one, it is very questionable in his chart, Sun is very close to the ascendant degree.

In June 1995 Dutroux kidnapped and raped two girls, he tortured them for 8 months. He also buried alive two teen girls. Here he is 38 years old. Mars from 5th house distributes to the 7th house [annual profections]. The 7th house is the house of the other people, of sex too. Even the 5th is the house of the sexual pleasures according to some later authors [associated with Venus who rejoice in this house]. So Mars as Lord of first house, distributing to the 7th, aroused the violent actions toward other people and children (5th) in this man.

This is happening under Mars/Jupiter firdar.
If we examine closely we would see that Mars is applying an opposition to Jupiter who rules it. It is very questionable how effective the reception through opposition really is.

Here is Valens’ experience of Jupiter/Mars tense aspects:

“When [Mars and Jupiter are in] square, they have the same effect as when trine, but with dangers and setbacks. When in opposition in inoperative signs, they become harsh.” p.34

Now, they are not in inoperative signs (since 5th and 11th are operative), nevertheless, the tensions between the two will not be completely ameliorated. The word which Riley translated as ‘harsh’ is ‘chalepos‘ with meaning difficult, hard to bear, painful, grievous, ill-tempered, unpleasant and even dangerous.

If we look the Solar Return for that year, in which his most grievous actions began, we take note of Saturn who is Lord of the Year and had ingressed into the sign of natal Mars (Pisces).


Here is what Pseudo-Valens has to say about this ingress:

“When it [Saturn] has come to the [place] of Ares, it causes dangers to the body, alienations, loss of one’s own, rapine and faint-heartedness, enmities toward one’s own and toward another’s, lawsuits and imposts.”

Here is what Abu Ma’shar has to say about this ingress:

“And if Saturn at the time of the revolution will reach the [natal] place of Mars, and Saturn will have dignity in either the Ascendant of the nativity or in the Ascendant of the revolution, or in the Lot of Fortune, it signifies a foreign journey and need with respect to brothers and friends, and advantage from them. However, he will be deceived about his own operations and will be idle in [his] education,  and his thoughts will be unjust; and he will be of middling faith in his own tenets, and he will be accused on account of this. And if Saturn will have no dignity with the aforesaid, he will suffer evils and be saddened on account of brothers and friends, and he will jump at the chance for travel and will go on a foreign journey.”

Saturn indeed has dignity over the solar return ascendant, over solar return fortune and he is LOY, so his ingress is very much important. We see that he will be filled with unjust thoughts, ‘deceived about his own operations’ and ‘will be accused on account of this’.

This delineation will not fit in all cases and for all the people. Sooner or later, Saturn will hit natal Mars in every chart.
The proportion of the said will be measured according to the natal promise. Here we deal with problematic person prone to violence, so Saturn only triggered those natal tendencies.

We notice in the Solar Return, Capricorn the sign of the annual profections of the ascendant falling on the east of the year.
Mars in SR falls in 8th from ascendant and from the sign of the annual profections (duplication of the significations of the 8th house). This Mars from SR 8th falls in the natal sign of MC (actions). So we see that the year tendencies
modify the natal tendencies, and thus, violence, anxiety and fear will  activate his actions, especially because Mars in natal rules the ascendant and falls on MC from SR.

The interchange of the angles and rulers of the same between the natal and solar return chart is very important. We see natal ascendant falling in Solar Return 10th/11th. Solar Return ascendant falling in 2nd/3rd.
Lord of natal ascendant – Mars – in 8th of the SR. SR Asc Lord – Saturn – in 1st/2nd natal.
Natal MC in 8th of the SR. SR MC in natal 1st.

We see repetition on the 1st house and MC (important, as it will activate native’s actions, brings much activity in the year), and also repetition on 2nd/8th axis. So, much activity related to the subjects of 2nd and 8th house.

We also notice that the natal configuration of Mars/Jupiter in opposition, in this year is also intensified with square relationship, Jupiter in 10th/11th and Mars in 8th. Again connection between native’s actions and the subject of death.

Let us investigate Saturn as LOY more closely.
Saturn is a malefic contrary to the sect in favor (day planet in a night chart). It is a masculine planet west relative to the Sun (where planets receive more feminine accidental qualities). It aspects the 8th house through opposition. Saturn is especially notorious when in opposition. So its aspect to the 8th house – by the teaching of the complementarity of the opposite houses – has
something to say in similar manner as to the case where Saturn is actually in the 8th house. When I say that Saturn is in the 2nd house, I mean second whole sign house.

Saturn will dispose the esse (beingness) of the native in this year.
Notice its SR state: occidental, retrograde, cadent by sign (succedent by division), squering its natal position, in a sign where it is peregrine and where its cold nature comes to the fore, especially positioned in the opposide half of the Sun.

I have also found that when some Lot rises in the east of the year, it brings into the fore the significations of that Lot. For example, whenever the Lot of Marriage rises in the east of the year, often times bring marriage.
In this case we have the Lot of Nemesis (the Lot of Saturn) in 15°Capricorn rising in the east of the year. What Lot of Nemesis signifies?

According to Paul of Alexandria:

kruptō = hidden things, covered things, buried things [it is noteworthy that two of the victims Dutroux buried alive].

fugē = place of refugee, banishment, exiles.

apōleia = destruction, loss.

penthos = grief, sorrow, mourning, unhappy event, misfortune.

We see that these accidents rise in the east of the year and as such become theme in his life. Natally Saturn is unable to govern the affairs of this lot because it is in aversion to it. Mars as exalted Lord most closely aspects the Lot and as representative of the native’s dealings (L1) will add to the picture of his mind with all those qualities explained above.

The case of Marc Dutroux was never fully clarified. Many people were not satisfied with the suspicious elements of the investigation and the dismissal of some testimonies of a witnesses witnessing that Dutroux was only part of a pedophile network protected by the authorities [in which Belgium politicians and high officials were part]. 20 people connected to the case died under suspicious circumstances before the time they were about to testify.

Now, there are indications in his chart that he will be involved with the great people of the state and high officials.
Sun as L10 applies trine to Mars who is L1. This was seen as the ‘King favoring the native’ by the ancient astrologers.

“If there were an application between them, it signifies the native will attainand advantage from kings…if the Lord of the Midheaven applied to the Lord ofthe Ascendant, it is a sign that kings and princess will call him and extol himwithout being asked.” [Persian Naitivities I, Abu Ali, trans. by B. Dykes, p.295]

Now he finished behind the bars after all, but the masses played great part in this, with their protests and pushing the case against Dutroux.

Let us be clear about something. There are many nuances in chart analysing that are more easily to be seen in hindsight then in prediction. It is just that so many peculiarities are reserved only for the gods, as Valens put it. Nevertheless, it is still sueful
to investigate them even as a hindsight, to see how astrology can really be descriptive and on the spot in certain situations.

3 Charts with Venus in 9th House

I have noticed one interesting repetition of Venus in 9th house of people who were idolized [loved very much] by the masses.

The first chart is that of Marilyn Monroe:


The second chart is of the famous Yugoslav and Serbian pop star Zdravko Colic [who was and still is a famous women heart-breaker in these regions of the ex-Yu countries]


The third chart is of the Macedonian pop singer Tose Proeski, who tragically died in a car accident in year 2007. He was also very much adored by the public and especially by the female population. After his death, many here in Macedonia and the ex-Yu countries speak of him as a ‘sent from God’, ‘an Angel’, etc.


Notice how Monroe and Tose both have Venus on Lot of Fortune in 9th house. Venus in 9th automatically aspects the ascendant sign through the very potent and beneficent trine. It seems that this position gives some graciousness to the native, some charisma which is noticed by the masses as a ‘God sent’, persons with ‘special mission’; people to whom the masses look up to, people who are adored by the masses as a sexual, lovable icon.