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Saturnus. Declensions: Saturnus (nom sg), Saturni (gen sg), Saturno (dat sg), Saturnum (acc sg), Saturnō (dat sg).

Iupiter. Declensions: Iupiter (nom sg), Iovis (gen sg), Iovi (dat sg), Iovem (acc sg), Iove (abl sg).

Mars. Declensions: Mars (nom sg), Martis (gen sg), Marti (dat sg), Martem (acc sg), Marte (abl sg).

Venus. Declensions: Venus (nom sg), Veneris (gen sg), Veneri (dat sg), Venerem (acc sg), Venere (abl sg).

Mercurius. Declensions: Mercurius (nom sg), Mercurii (gen sg), Mercurio (dat sg), Mercurium (acc sg), Mercuriō (dat sg).

Luna. Declensions: Luna (nom sg), Lunae (gen sg), Lunae (dat sg), Lunam (acc sg), Lunā (abl sg).


Ante nativitatem = before the nativity. It is usually used with reference to the syzygy, the prenatal lunation: the last conjunction of the luminaries before the birth (conjunctional) or the last opposition of the luminaries before the birth (preventional).

Ascendēns = ascending, rising [participle]. Astrologically: ascendant. You will often find it declined like ‘ascendentis (gen sg).


Dominus = lord [of a house], master [of a house], ruler [of a house].
Dominōs [acc pl] Triplicitatis, Lords of the Triplicity.
Dominus Anni = Lord of the Year.

Diurnus = of the day [sect], diurnal (adjective).
Diurnus is masculine form. Diurna is feminine and Diurnum neuter.


Esse = condition, state.


Nativitas = nativity, birth (noun, third declension). Astrologically: birth chart, natal chart. You will often find it in genitive form ‘nativitatis’ of nativity.

Nocturnus = of the night [sect], belonging to the night, nocturnal.
Nocturna is feminine form and Nocturnum is neuter form (adjective).


Signum = sign [noun, second declension]

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