Life is short, Art long, Experience not easily obtained, Judgment difficult, and therefore it is necessary, that a student not only exercise himself in considering several Figures, but also that he diligently read the writings of others who have treated rationally of this Science and make it his business to find the true natural causes of things by experiments, to know the certain places and processions of the Planets and Fixed Stars, Constellations, etc., but above all to be a passionate lover of truth. ~ Jerom Cardan of Milan

These are words for meditation of every serious astrologer and lover of this Art.
They have the power of Mantra. They should be slowly repeated and contemplate and meditate upon.

Experience not easily obtained – what a true words.
Judgment Difficult.
Life short, Art long.

We need to apply our rational astrological thinking in delineating the charts, we need to read the old masters and exercise our own experience and even then: the Judgment is Difficult.

Practicing Astrology is not an easy thing. You read a chart, you read a Life. You predict events, you may err, and hence the responsibility is great. This is why rational thinking is what is required and not a mere intuition. Intuition is not bad, it is good, but the true intuition that comes from a deeper levels of thought, not the mumbling of our subconscious thought process, which we often erroneously associate with ‘intuition’. There is a false intuition and there is a true intuition.

Paul Foster Case, an occult writer from the early 20th century describes intuition in a very clever way, and I continuilly go back into some of his occult deffinitions he gave through out his enormous body of work:

Psychologically, intuition is the subconscious process of deduction, applied to the elaboration of the meaning of our conscious estimates of experience. Thus true intuition is the consequence of right reasoning, and those who are too careless
to watch and too lazy to reason, never hear the Inner Voice.
(Paul Foster Case – Tarot Interpretation p.35)

..Intuition seems to come to us from
a source outside ourselves, and so it does, in a way. But
until we have learned to set our mental house in order, we
cannot put ourselves in the proper position to hear [the Inner Voice].. (p.35)

The development of mental imagery by subconscious
processes of deduction and association also contributes its
share to the operation of intuition, and has its outcome in a
gradually unfolding realization that personality is.. (p.42)

When the mental house has been set in order by reason, so that external relationships are clearly perceived, intuition carries the process a step farther, and makes us aware of the underlying principles of internal relationship. (p.43)

An unreasonable man is, essentially, one who fails to perceive
the true relationships between the events constituting his
external environment. His estimates and measurements
are imperfect. Thus even the Voice of Intuition is misunderstood by him when he hears it. (p.43)

The point I want to make by posting these words by Paul Faster Case is that Intuition is not every voice we will hear in our heads, it is not some spark of a thought which comes to the mind without prior rational engaging in the matter examined. Intuition is a complex set of internal processes of thought which was rationally engaged, and then brought fort into a couple of conclusions. But Intuition is more than that, and I don’t think that we can grasp it (all) with our investigation; surely, because there is a part of the intuition which comes from Higher Sources.

Exactly the right rational thinking, applying the right rules or principles of astrological judgment may lead to true intuition in our Art. Without engaging rationally in learning, studying, dedicating ourselves into examining this Art, gradually day by day, building – we can not expect the Intuition to ‘do all the thing for us’. It’s just not like that. You may hope, you may struggle to invite the Higher Voices into your astrological head, but you can not achieve it without thorough understanding of the principles of this Art. And how do I know this? Because I have not seen any serious astrologer not knowing the principles of the right Art. I have never read an old master who didn’t knew the right principles of this Art. They did not relied solely on the Intuition. They were a man of Thought and rational thinking, and most often, in greater case of them, a Polymaths!

People who knows nothing about the True Astrology and its principles, judge in the same way an astrology guesser and true astrologer engaged deeply in this Art. This is because the guesser may guess something and this happens to be true; and the true astrologer may say the same thing, or sometimes less (because the guesser is full of trivial words of everyday trivial matters, which in a way happens to impress the asker or client) and in this they are on the same throne.

But false astrologers lived in every century, this is not only a matter of 21th century.
Bonatti is complaining about Salio, Valens about Thimaeus and certain others. So, we are not unique in this sense, the true knowledge was always on the margins of the society, we should accept that fact.


The 146 Considerations of Bonatti and Selected Aphorisms of Cardan (A New Library Publication, London 2000)

Paul Foster Case – Tarot Revelations, First Published in 1931 as
‘Tarot Instruction, Section Second’ by
279 Newbury Street, Boston, Mass.
Rosicrucian Order of the Golden Dawn 2009

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