In this post we will practice what has been said in the previous 3 parts about the Solar Revolutions. I think a good grasp on the techniques, by practically applying it, is of great importance before we continue with the examination of the other techniques offered by Abu Ma’shar in his work “On Solar Revolutions”.

So let’s get practical.

We will look at the chart of the famous singer Marvin Gaye and his tragic end.

Marvin Gaye was American singer, songwriter and player of many instruments. He was one of the leading musicians in the 70’s and was represented as a unique figure in the soul and pop music in that period. His song “Sexual Healing” was Nr.1 song on many top lists throughout the world. This song is still today regarded as one of the most unique songs in the history of popular music. His life ended in a tragical way when his father, in the rush of an anger, killed (shot) him after an attempt of Marvin to resolve a fight between his father and mother.

Left click on the photo to view it in a wider resolution, or right mouse click for viewing it in another tab (recommended).

This is Marvin Gaye’s chart.

From our earlier posts we stressed out that the delineation of the natal chart is of greatest importance because we are continually going back to it to compare our observations of the derived charts with the natal chart or the “beginning”.

I will not go into details here, but will try to delineate particularly his death.

For this occasion I will use Schoener’s approach in summing up the testimonies for particular subject into a couple of conclusions. So I conclude:

1st conclusion: There will be little or no love between the native and his father because Moon the significator of the native, falls amiss (is in aversion) to the Sun which is significator of the father.
The understanding between the father and the son will be low and poor.
Aversion of Moon (native’s significator) to the Lot of Father in 1Leo is testifying the same thing.

2nd conclusion: The mother will be related in some way to the death of the native, because Venus – significator of the mother, is in native’s 8th and Moon makes opposition to it.
The presence of Lot of Mother in 13 Aquarius (8th sign) is testifying this furthermore.

3rd conclusion: There will be tension between the native and the father somewhere in the end of the native’s life because Moon makes close opposition to Jupiter which is third triplicity ruler of the 4th!

According to Valens, having malefic planet on the descendant or pre-descendant, is one of the indications for violent death. We see Mars here.
Furthermore, the ruler of the Fortune and the 8th sign from the Fortune are mutual destroyers. In this case we have Saturn ruler of Fortune and Sun ruler of 8th from Fortune in same sign destroying each other. I have seen this configuration in many violent deaths, but also Valens gives a couple of examples with such configuration, i.e. where the mutual destroyers were in same sign, or looking each other through some bad aspect.

According to Valens, the nature of the signs should indicate the nature of the death.

“Capricorn is destroyed by Leo, i.e. Saturn by the Sun. They die from heart attacks and fractures and from accidents in the baths or from burns, through the wrath of kings and noblemen, or by impaling, injuries from beasts and animals, or falls from high places”. ( Valens, Riley’s trans. p.56)

Now, Leo (the 8th sign from Fortune) is a fiery sign, Sun which is its ruler is in Aries, again fiery sign. Mars dominating is throwing dominating square (it is in the 10th from Sun) and pushing its own hit to the already hot Sun. If we take indications of Saturn which is the ruler of natural 8th and of Fortune mutually destroying with the Sun, and Mars with the Fortune making square to the Sun as ruler of 8th from Fortune, we will announce that Iron or some other symbolism related to Mars/Saturn and Sun will be related to the death of the native.  Fiery death by iron.

Valens didn’t incorporated gunshots in his descriptions because guns didn’t existed in his own time.

The death from the bullet does not come through heat or fire, but from penetration. But in the whole process of shooting fire and iron is involved. The gunpowder is a compound of saltpeter, charcoal, and sulphur.

Sulphur is related to Sun though Jacob Boehme links Mars with the alchemical principle of sulphur.

OK. So having these things in mind we will now investigate the year of death.

It is bit a tricky thing because he died on the day prior of his 45th birthday, but only few hours before the Sun entering the same position it had in the natal chart, that is, of the chart of Solar Revolution for the year.

So, we first examine in which Ages of Man this event happens. Native is 44 year old, so this falls into the Mars disposition of the Ages. What we do first here is to go back to the natal chart and delineate state of Mars.

Where is Mars? In 6th division but 7th sign. Which houses rules? 5th and 10th, 7th by exaltation. Aspects Mars makes?
He makes separating square to Sun and applying square to Saturn (by wide orbs involved).
Venus from 8th (death) and ruler of 4th (family, home) applies to Mars in 6th.
6th is the place of accidents, Mars is master of accidents, it is contrary to the sect in favor, it is in place of his joy (good for him but not for the native), pressing the Hyleg by square, ruling a wicked house (7th): honestly, we can’t expect much good from this Mars!

But would you predict an awful event which leads to native’s death by these testimonies only?
I don’t think so.

Let’s go further.

We will now investigate the Revolution of his 41th year when Mars took the disposition of the Ages of Man.


This is the revolution of year 1980.

Mars is retrograde in his own terms and decan. Notice how Mars rules 7th and 8th (by exaltation) !!!
Mars is in 3rd division 2nd sign, BUT falls in 8th from Fortune (place of death) in natal!
Mars conjuncts (by whole signs) natal Lot of Father in Leo!
Close conjunction with North Node is increasing his malefic nature?
Saturn cold as he can be in Virgo, retrograde, ruler of 8th in the natal and in this revolution, is conjunction natal Moon by partile! Moon is native’s significator and pretty sensitive point, especially for his body and well being!

Many serious indications by now.
But why the native didn’t died in 1980 when he had this awful revolution?

This is a very serious question.
At the moment I don’t have the answer.

What is important to take out of this revolution when Mars took the disposition of Ages is its state particularly. That he is in natal 8th from fortune (notice that in this revolution too, he is in 8th from fortune!), that rules 8th from the Ascendant.

We now look at the Firdariyyah.


In 1979 he entered Saturn’s Firdariyyah. Saturn took the disposition from the Moon.
Which houses in the natal chart Saturn rules? 8th of death! It is in poor zodiacal shape in 10th and is ruling 4th by exaltation! Again we have relationship between death (8th), family (4th), public (10th). The thing that Moon as significator of native’s body and being, gave disposition of the Firdariyyah to Saturn, a malefic by nature and by accident through ruling the 8th, is really not a desired thing at all.

What we will do next is to check out the revolution when Saturn took the Firdariyyah disposition.


Mars rules 12th of suffering and 8th by exaltation! He is in 7th again retrograde and conjunct by sign native’s natal Moon, making square by sign with revolution’s Moon.

We are not delineating the whole revolution here, just general notions of Saturn, its state and dispositions in this particular revolution. This revolution is just one year prior the revolution when Mars took the disposition of ruelrship of Ages, and this means that in that particular revolution Saturn’s presence was of a particular importance because it is already a Firdariyyah ruler. So the Firdariyyah ruler and its partner will be important not only for the revolution when they took the rulership, but also for all the other subsequent revolutions till the time their rulership of Firdariyyah ends.

In the year of death (1984), partner to Saturn in ruling Firdariyyah is Sun, which took the disposition by Mars. We see two malefics involved with the Sun – giver of Life.

At this point you will notice how important the delineation of the natal chart is, and what we’ve done even though briefly in the beginning of this post.

You will recall that Saturn and Sun are mutual destroyers because of their 1 – 8 from Fortune relationship! So, having them ruling the Firdariyyah is not a positive thing, knowing all the stuff we delineated from the particular revolutions when the General rulers (Saturn and Mars by ages) took the rulership and all the 8th houses involved there.

You will recall that in natal Saturn and Sun were in conjunction, that is in same sign, and this is what Valens would not like to see when these 2 are rulers of Fortune and the 8th of Fortune!

You will recall that Saturn in natal rules 8th and Sun the 8th from Fortune where Lot of Father happens to be! Even though there is mutual reception involved with Mars in 6th, for what good this can be from a wicked house and ruling wicked houses like 6 and 8?

In the end we will look at the particular revolution when the native died, to see how all this testimonies summed up.

Because this is the same year when Sun took the partnership in Firdariiyyah rulership with Saturn, we will look in only one chart, that from 1983.
If Sun happened to take the rulership in 1982, we should have looked in that revolution first, to see with which kind of agenda Sun took the rulership by sub-firdariyyah. But in this case, we will look at 1983 which is also the chart of the year when native died.


Now we will incorporate the annual profections. In his 44th year, they come to Pisces (9th sign), where natal Venus is positioned, so she becomes Lady of the Year!


This is comparation of the revolution with the natal!

We are profecting by 9 signs. Now direct Venus by 9 signs from her natal position, you will come to Virgo where Saturn came in the revolution. Mix the testimonies of all we have learned about Saturn in this examination. Saturn on Venus. Remember that LOY is often showing the native in the particular year. Saturn rules radical 8th, ruled the 8th when took the Firdariyyah and etc..

Profect 7th sign by 9 signs and you will come to the Moon which is significator of natives body and being. Valens says:

“For forecasts of mortality, change, or trouble, we will start with the Descendant.” (p.79)

The place of death (8th) profected to 4th house (home, family).

I will now tell you about an interesting technique given by Abu Ma’shar somewhere in the end of his treatise. If some planet made an ingress (entered in a sign of the solar revolution by transit) where natally is positioned some planet/s, you will take the domicile/s of that planet to represent ascendant, and the domicile/s of the transiting planet to represent the theme or subject of the particular year.

Look now, Mars ingressed in a sign where Mercury is positioned in natal.
Take Virgo as an ascendant, Aries falls in the 8th from Virgo! So, subject of 8th house will be activated in the year.
Even though this with Mercury happens more often, it is worth mentioning it.
Mercury entered sign in which natally is Saturn positioned. So, Virgo is 8th sign from Aquarius!

Ok let’s now examine the particular revolution.
Where the revolution ascendant falls in natal? In natal 8th house! 8th house will be agenda of the year!
Notice Firdariyyah ruler in the revolution! It falls in revolution’s 8th, rules it by exaltation, and falls into natal 4th (family, home, father)! Hitting the annual profection of natal Venus by 9 signs, and in the same time LOY.

Where the Age ruler (Mars) falls? In 2nd in the revolution casting its own rays in to the 8th by opposition and in a place where it is debilitated.

Where Lord of the Year (Venus) falls in the revolution?
In 3rd/4th sign and rules 8th! Again we have testimony of 8th!

Too much indications in one direction: the 8th house!


This was I hope a demonstrative example of the techniques of which we spoke in our previous posts. I didn’t delienated the paricular twelfth-parts, lots and some other finer points. I just didn’t have the time to do that, this requires a disciplined approach which will take me days to complete and I’m coming to post on this blog just as an a relaxation and not in aim to write some sort of scientific papers. I hope I will find more time some day in near future, to present the full approach with all finer points taken into account.

Till later, practice, practice, practice!


Abu Ma’shar – On Solar Revolutions, translated and edited by Benjamin N. Dykes, PhD, the Cazimi Press, Minneapolis, Minnesota 2010

Vettius Valens – Anthology, translated by Mark T. Riley

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  1. Must say I like your articles having just perused them all and the last set on Abu Mashar clarified some things for me. Now I will have to apply them to a few charts of my own . I hope that you can continue these musings and feed my insatiable curiosity for Traditional Western Astrology.

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