“In the birth of every native from the Lot of Fortune and Spirit, make known the matter of injuries and ailments in reference to the presence of the malefics”.
(Vettius Valens – The Anthology, Book II, Part 1, Schmidt trans., p.74)

In book II of Anthology, Vettius Valens gives a very good introduction to medical astrology. Valens is fascinating, his book is full with all branches of Astrology, and as we will see in this article, he offers a very good and practical insights in to medical analysis of the native through his chart.

Valens explains that the natural correspondence of the Lot of Fortune is with breast because breast are ruled by Cancer and Cancer by Moon. Lot of Fortune is the Lot of the Moon as the Spirit is the Lot of the Sun.
So the place of the Lot of Fortune is the 1st place and indicates the breast according to Cancer universally.
The second place goes in the universal order, so this sign from the Lot of Fortune would universally represent Leo and would rule the flanks. Third sign would rule the belly according to Virgo and etc.
It is the same with Spirit and Leo. The place where Spirit falls is the universal place of Leo and would indicate heart; the second sign the stomach according to Virgo and etc.

Valens goes on explaining the method of his predecessors – Egyptian astrologers. But he says that the method he presents in the following pages is more accurate. The method he represents is that he uses the body correspondences of the actual sign where Lot of Fortune and Spirit lies, instead of the Universal order of the signs in relationship to Cancer and Leo.

“It will be necessary to examine each nativity closely to see in which sign the Lot of Fortune is located, for the nature of the sign will indicate the injury. The ruler of the Lot of Fortune will be particularly indicative, along with the sign in which it is located”.
(Vettius Valens, Anthologies, Book II, Riley trans., p. 48)

Let’s look few examples.

We can see that the Lot of Fortune is in Aries.
Aries rules the head, the sensory faculties, eyes and eyesight, headaches, lichenous scaliness of the skin, and etc.
This native has a good eyesight, but has problem with dry eyes (Aries – hot and dry) which as a result gives him dark circles under his eyes (skin problems around the eyes). Furthermore, he has problem with headaches.

The problem with the dry eyes started in the 2002 when Mars made an ingress in Aries (natal place of Lot of Fortune) in the Revolution of the year of the nativity. The zodiacal releasing of the Fortune was in Taurus/Cancer. Mars – the ruler of the Lots is in opposition to Taurus, and Cancer is in square relationship with Aries (the place of the Lot).

“The injuries and the ailments, then, will become more active when malefics should be upon the places or the rulers, or should witness them”
(Vettius Valens – The Anthology, Book II, Part 1, Schmidt trans., p.77).

Next is the chart of the Australian astrologer Kelli Fox.

Astro databank rapports that she has disease called Toxic epidemal necrolysis (skin disease):

Wikipedia says about this desease:
Toxic epidermal necrolysis (also known as “Lyell’s syndrome”) is a rare, life-threatening dermatological condition that is usually induced by a reaction to medications. It is characterized by the detachment of the top layer of skin (the epidemius) from the lower layers of the skin (the dermis) all over the body.

As we can see, she also has Lot of Fortune in Aries. But the thing to be a way worse (from the previous example), in the same sign she has a very nasty Saturn: contrary to sect, in elevation, in bad zodiacal shape (slavery) and retrograde.

“Injuries and diseases will be quite violent if malefics are in conjunction or in aspect with these places or their houserulers”
(Vettius Valens – Anthologies, Book II, Riley trans., p. 49).

The medical diagnosis of the disease was in March 2004.
Moon by Secondary Progressions (look at Valens’s Book IX for more information about his use of SP) came in Aries around the period when the disease become known. Furthermore, Saturn was transiting the first sign Leo.

It is worth investigating with these techniques represented by Valens in his II book.
The results of my usage of them are astonishing. I will come back later with more charts and information on this topic.

Vettius Valens – Anthology, Book II, Part 1, Robert Schmidt’s translation.
Vettius Valens – Anthologies, Book II, Mark T. Riley’s translation.

The charts are calculated by the free Morinus software:

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